Word on the Quad

How would you drop out of the 2020 presidential race? “Announce a self quarantine.” – Nate Jones ’20

“Appear on SNL and announce it.” – Ángel Ibarra ’21

“Renegade.” – Argenis Herrera ’22

“Drop it like it’s hot first and then drop the mic and leave.

Why canvassing is important: Political empowerment through knocking on doors

With money often seeming like the best and most-valued way to make your voice heard in our political system, I have often felt like a bystander to the goings-on in my own country. Should I donate $15 to my favorite candidate (and is that $15 even worth it for the candidate in the grand scheme of things), or should I spend that money on breakfast and lunch for the week at Stop & Shop?

Dear Ephelia

Do I have mono, or am I just sad and tired?

Well. I mean. I hate to ask what my parents asked when I got mono back in 11th grade, but: Who have you been kissing? In 11th grade, the answer was “No one — I’m a cow. I probably got it from sharing milk with a friend.”

Word on the Quad

If you could share a flex triple with any two people in the world, who would they be? 

“Bert and Ernie.” -Hunter Wieman ’20

“Fred and George Weasley.” -Eli Miller ’21

“Wendy Williams and Ephraim Williams.” -Dario Herrera ’22

“Sharkboy and Lavagirl.” -Will McCormick ’23

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor of the Record:

Bravo to Prof. Shawn Rosenheim for his recent letter to the Record and for his future intentions. Having been a resident of Williamstown for close to 60 years, I have been dismayed and disgusted at the College’s evolving penchant for erecting multi-million dollar structures that are an aesthetic blight on the landscape of this once bucolic village.

Why we left the Davis Center: Systemic neglect and structural changes

In the past two months, Vice President for Institutional Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Leticia Haynes, Assistant Vice President for Campus Engagement Bilal Ansari and President Maud S. Mandel, among others, have presented a narrative of “structural changes” that have taken place at the Davis Center (DC). According to this narrative, the positions that previously existed at the DC have been reimagined to create new roles with substantially different responsibilities.