Williams Staff Committee Statement

 On the work of the WSC and issues faced by staff

 An elected body, the Williams Staff Committee (WSC) provides suggestions and input to the senior administration and the broader college community, proposes initiatives that improve staff thriving on campus, contributes to the richness of our community and enhances the college’s mission of providing the finest possible liberal arts education. The committee seeks to increase the visibility of staff on campus by:

addressing ideas and concerns brought to the committee,

advancing their role in the life of the college by assessing staff roles on campus and advocating as needed

and by fostering inclusion and participation in the College community.

Staff Issue: Letter from the Editor

Today’s edition explores issues that staff face at the College and details facets of staff members’ lives both at and outside the College. The staff issue, like all other issues, investigates problems that affect members of the College community.

Recognizing anti-Semitism: How Omar’s statements reflect anti-Semitism

Most Williams students would agree that it is important to be vigilant in condemning hate and bigotry. Yet, there are flyers throughout the campus saying, “We Stand with Ilhan – Palestine will be Free” and expressing “solidarity and militant love with Ilhan Omar,” a first-term congresswoman from Minnesota who has made multiple comments that promote anti-Semitic ideas.

Reframing Israel in Washington politics: The Ilhan Omar controversy has never been about anti-Semitism

Last month, freshman congresswoman Ilhan Omar, of Minnesota’s 5th District, ignited widespread controversy for two tweets, one in which she insinuated Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s desire to take action against herself and colleague Rashida Tlaib for their critical positions on Israel was “all about the Benjamins,” and the second in which she said that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s (AIPAC) money was behind Republicans such as McCarthy’s hawkish support for Israel. Condemnation across the board, including a call from the President of the United States to resign, followed immediately, and the controversy is still playing itself out now, a month later. 

Critics insist that Ilhan Omar’s classification of AIPAC as a lobbying organization that uses money to influence the course of politics plays into the anti-Semitic notion that the Jewish community engages in a shadowy plot to control the world through its prodigious wealth.

Trivializing allergies: On harmful media depictions of a serious issue

Some of you have probably seen the Peter Rabbit movie, and some of you haven’t. In case you want to know what you’re missing: Tom McGregor, the “villain” of the movie, is deathly allergic to blackberries, and in an attempt to gain access to his garden, rabbits use a slingshot to send a blackberry directly into his mouth in an effort to incapacitate him.

Letter to the Editor: College Council Executive Board on accounting surplus

Since the publishing of the March 6th, 2019 Williams Record article “CC discovers accounting oversight, to reallocate $225,000 into budget,” conflicting narratives about the source and purpose of this surplus have spread. We, the College Council Executive Board, would like to both apologize for not conveying this information in a clearer manner and also outline the cause of this oversight and our plan to correct it.