The turn to zero waste: A call for better sustainability at Williams

 On Claiming Williams Day, I attended a panel on sustainability at the College. The purpose of the event was to critically review the College’s current sustainability targets, which focus almost exclusively on emissions goals that should be met by the end of 2020, and to brainstorm a new set of goals that will take us beyond 2020 and accommodate a broader definition of sustainability not limited to emissions-related concerns.

The right to protest: Understanding the Chicago Principles

During the Claiming Williams “free expression” panel, it became evident that some students have serious misconceptions about the nature of the Chicago Principles. One particularly troubling misconception is the belief that the Chicago Principles do not protect the rights of students to protest speakers they disagree with.

Addressing Title IX changes: Why we must oppose the weakening of crucial protections

In addition to our main editorial this week, the Record’s editorial board wishes to recognize the College’s Board of Trustees for allowing students to replace any one summer earnings contribution with additional grant aid. This change, we believe, is a meaningful step towards more equitably allowing all students to pursue a fuller range of summer opportunities, and we commend the board for it.