Why we opposed WIFI: Challenging WIFI’s complicity in state violence

Given the especially contentious circumstances surrounding the Williams Initiative for Israel (WIFI), those of us who organized in opposition to WIFI felt it necessary to explain why we opposed its recognition as a registered student organization. All students who organized in opposition of WIFI fully support a Jewish home in the region, and we recognize the necessity of Jewish and Israeli voices in the process for peace.

Refuting claims of institutional violence: Analyzing evidence of racism at the College

 As President Mandel wrote in a recent letter, “ … we have a problem at Williams.” What I see is indeed problematic, for some groups have been claiming that violent practices of racism occur daily at our school. Two lines of evidence are given to support this claim: an article published on The Feminist Wire and a 2009 faculty report on retention of faculty of color.


 By the Coalition Against Racist Education Now (CARE Now)

This piece includes summaries of the demands CARE Now has published in the full, 12-page version of this open letter with the history, context, means, and ends of what we want. Read the full letter at bit.ly/dearmaud 

We are the Coalition Against Racist Education Now (CARE Now), an active and growing collective of student activists born out of resistance to the 2018 faculty petition on the Chicago Statement.

Letter to the Editor

 To the editor: 

The Record’s editorial of April 17, 2019 (“On the need for affinity housing”) argues that Williams students should have more control over whom they live with. I agree.