Lynn Melchiori of OIT gets creative with Crayola

Lynn Melchiori has authored and illustrated multiple children’s books, including The Adventures of Mimi the Artist. Photo Courtesy of Lynn Melchiori

The atmosphere of the dimly-lit office of Lynn Melchiori, staff member at the Faculty/Staff Support Desk for OIT, does not do its occupant any justice; while the room is dark, she is bright, and while the room is still, she is burning with passion.

Data scientist Josh McNutt ’99 reflects on path to Showtime Networks

Sharply dressed with an intense gaze to match, Vice President of Data Strategy at Showtime Networks Inc. Josh McNutt ’99 spoke during Professor of Mathematics Steven Miller’s “Probability” class this past Friday, detailing his winding path that led him to where he is now. McNutt entered the College in 1995 as a prospective computer science (CS) major.

Stephen Freund and Chad Topaz receive $400,000 in NSF funding

Student researchers rejoiced as the National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded Stephen Freund, professor of computer science, and Chad Topaz, professor of mathematics, grants of $400,000 in total for their research proposals. This grant money will fund their projects for about three years and will allow them to hire more student researchers than they otherwise would.

Faculty offices display personal quirks


Unlike students who may spend little time in their dorms, professors often spend hours doing work in their offices. But students and professors share one thing in common: both like to make their rooms feel like home.

Ramunto’s delights with crisp pizza, flavorful menu

The Log, home to Thursday night trivia and a hangout place for students and community members alike, is now the host to Ramunto’s Brick Oven Pizza. This pizzeria is the newest out of seven other branches scattered across New England, all of which have positive reviews.