Chaplains’ Corner: Something new

The celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, one of the two most important events in the Christian calendar (Christmas being the other), is both wonderful and challenging. For many, the theological challenges of who Jesus is (Son of God, Incarnate Christ, teacher, prophet, healer) are difficult enough.

Chaplains’ Corner

 During this past Thanksgiving, I spent time at a friend’s house, and one of the guests for one of these large Thanksgiving parties fancied himself to be a cynic. Very nice person, but don’t get him started on all of the woes of the world.

Chaplains’ Corner

I was trying to talk myself out of doing anything for 9/11 and found myself still in a strange space still can’t mention her name still anchored to a subculture and a narrative beneath the rubble of crumbling institutions. I can’t get up, it’s an attack on powers that be, powers that aren’t me.

Chaplain’s Corner

Welcome to the Chaplains’ Office column! We will be writing twice a month, offering reflections on spiritual themes that are inspired through our respective faith journeys and our engagement with thoughts and ideas encounter as people of faith and chaplains at Williams College.