Chaplains’ Corner

Late last week, Judge Roy Moore, current and former US Senate candidate and former Alabama state Supreme Court justice, announced that his “Ten Commandments Monument” would be placed on the first floor of his Foundation for Moral Law in Montgomery, Ala. In 2001, Moore commissioned and installed the monument in the rotunda of the state’s judicial building, in the hope of reminding all those who walked into the courts of the need to find “the favor and guidance of almighty God” when walking through its halls.

Chaplain’s Corner: Rabbi Seth Wax

As you walk around campus today, you may notice some of your Jewish-identified friends walking around in a bit of a daze. They may respond to your questions a bit slower, and they might seem distracted.

Chaplain’s Corner

Welcome to the Chaplains’ Office column! We will be writing twice a month, offering reflections on spiritual themes that are inspired through our respective faith journeys and our engagement with thoughts and ideas encounter as people of faith and chaplains at Williams College.