CC raises treasury concerns

Tuesday night’s College Council (CC) meeting ended in a contentious display, with co-presidents Lizzy Hibbard ’19 and Moisés Roman Mendoza ’19 calling on CC’s treasurer, Spencer Carrillo ’20, to resign. The meeting began with CC approving, by a 16-3-3 vote, $34,000 for Minority Coalition (MinCo) to support heritage month events at the request of MinCo’s Steering Board, represented by co-chairs Tyler Tsay ’19 and Rodsy Modhurima ’19. 

Tsay then shifted the topic to Carrillo, whose job performance was not on the meeting’s agenda.

Trustees hold forum featuring Asian American studies debate

On Saturday, the Board of Trustees held an open forum for students. Alongside issues including the endowment and mentorship, the chief topic of discussion was the push for an Asian American studies program at the College and the role the board ought to play in that process. 

The forum, held in Griffin 3, was attended by about 35 students.

College undertakes several construction projects

Construction continues apace across the College’s campus. Here’s a brief update on some of the projects you may see:

North Science Center

Demolition work on the foundation is slated to begin soon where the old Bronfman Science Center once stood.

Survey examines prevalence of e-cigarettes on campus


The Record conducted a survey on student electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) and vape use, receiving 159 responses. From this data, 42.8 percent of students responded that they had used a vape or e-cigarette at least once in their lives.

Haystack monument defaced, perpetrators unknown

On or prior to Sunday afternoon, some unknown person or persons defaced the Haystack Monument and the surrounding grass area outside Mission Park. At 12:36 p.m. on Sunday, three Campus Safety and Security (CSS) officers responded to a report of the defacement from four visitors to campus, who stated that they were members of the clergy.

Two employees sue College for unpaid overtime

This spring, one former and one current teacher at the College’s Children’s Center filed a lawsuit against the College alleging damages of $75,000 for unpaid overtime, according to documents filed in the Berkshire County Superior Court. In addition, the documents alleged retaliation against the employees, Shana Shippee and Kristen Tool, for raising that concern to the College.