Eph teams juggle, run, do pushups for Williams for Williamstown

The juggle-a-thon, organized by the men’s and women’s soccer team, was livestreamed on Instagram, raising funds and awareness. (Photo courtesy of Daiana Takashima ’20 and @williams_soccer_juggles on Instagram)

“I heard out there that there’s a juggle-a-thon that’s pitting the men’s soccer team against the women’s soccer team,” President Maud S. Mandel said into the camera.

Franklin Reilly ’21 runs 100 miles for food bank fundraiser

It was the beginning of April, just a few weeks after Franklin Reilly ’21 returned home to Edwards, Colo. He had recently finished his winter season on the Nordic ski team and had been gearing up for a spring season running track that was ultimately cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Restless Collection” Winter Study course curates art collection in response to VP Pence’s politics

Jordan Stein taught students such as Clarissa Dominguez ’22 about how to curate art with a political purpose, engaging with Mike Pence’s political views as their class’s case study.(Photo courtesy of Olivia Demuth ’23.)

Mother. Mothership, motherland, mother nature, mother Mary; the word has countless uses, including being the term of choice for Mike Pence  when referring to his wife.