“Dragonchild” installation explores musical reparations

Walking into the Spencer Studio Art Building on Sunday afternoon, I initially looked around, puzzled, not sure where to find the cryptic sound installation I was searching for. My confusion did not last for long, however, as I began to notice a low rumbling noise emanating from down the hallway. 

Following signs printed with arrows on the walls and noticing the sound growing louder, I found my way to Spencer 112, where the artist – D. A. Mekonnen – was stationed outside.

One in Two Thousand: Faris Gulamali ’21


Kaira got to know Faris when they were co-Arts editors for the Record during the spring semester of 2018. Irene first met Faris last month, when he was having dinner with Editor-in-Chief Danny Jin ’20, who introduced the two to each other.

Graffiti of neo-Nazi group name found on light pole

The name of a neo-Nazi and white supremacist group was found written on a pole between Hollander Hall and Sawyer Library last weekend. Administrators say that the vandalism is being investigated as a possible bias incident, although the motivation behind it remains unknown.

One in Two Thousand: Crystal Ma ’21


We both met Crystal as first-years, Kaira through Willy E (she and Crystal are now roommates), Rebecca through crew. Crystal always brightens our days with her animated anecdotes and quirky style.

Anicka Yi employs biofiction, blurs sensorial limits in recent WCMA purchase

Step through the front doors of the William College Museum of Art (WCMA) anytime between now and early February of next year, and you will be greeted with a formidable, undeniable menthol scent. Step further into the gallery to your right, and the ‘80s synths of an incomprehensible yet familiar song will similarly invade your ears.

Plonskser lecture series surveys Cuban artistic production

Last Saturday, musicians Neil Leonard and Miguel Nuñez were joined by multimedia artist Nestor Siré in an unorthodox exploration of Cuban artistic production at home and at large. The event was organized as the annual Plonsker Family Lecture Series in Contemporary Art, established in 1994 by Madeleine Plonsker, Harvey Plonsker ’61 and their son, Ted Plonsker ’86.