Spring Street Blues

Monday 9-14-20

7:02 a.m. Paresky Center: Dining Services staff reported a minor motor vehicle accident at the Paresky loading dock. A driver for Performance Foodservice was backing into the loading dock when he struck the right (south) garage door frame.

Spring Street Blues

Thursday 8-27-20 

5:02 p.m. Mission Park: An officer responded to a complaint called in by phone and a subsequent tip line submission that a student was being assisted by family moving into Mission Park in violation of the move-in policies. 6:51 p.m. Williams Hall: Officers were dispatched to for a medical emergency called in by a parent of the student.

Spring Street Blues

Wednesday 5-13-20          

11:00 a.m. Campus Safety and Security (CSS) Office: An officer was called into Hopkins Hall to take a statement and start an investigation into a possible stolen painting. The call was from a professor regarding a painting that was missing from a faculty art studio.

Spring Street Blues

Monday 4-20-20

4:41 p.m. Cole Field: An officer responded to a report that there were several groups on the athletic fields playing soccer. The officer advised two groups that group sports are currently prohibited on the College’s athletic fields due to the COVID-19 pandemic and that signs concerning this are posted at the entrances to the fields.

Spring Street Blues

Sunday 4-19-20

1:30 p.m. Sawyer Library: Officers responded to an intrusion alarm.  They found a staff member from the Office for Information Technology (OIT) working who did not realize the building was armed. Monday 4-20-20

4:41 p.m. Cole Field: Officers responded to a report of several groups using the athletic fields.  All groups were informed that the athletic fields were closed due to COVID-19 concerns, and everyone departed without incident.

Spring Street Blues

Wednesday 4-1-20                

5:28 p.m. Hollander Hall: An officer responded to the east basement door for a door ajar alarm. A faculty member was found on site with the door open while they were talking to someone.

Spring Street Blues

Monday 3-2-20

8:45 p.m. Southworth St.: A staff member in College housing on Southworth St. reported an odd odor outside their residence.

Spring Street Blues 11-20-19


4:46 p.m. Electrician shop: An electrical tradesman informed campus safety and security (CSS) that there was a white vehicle parked across from the electricians shop with no plates on it. CSS contacted the Williamstown Police Department (WPD) to see if they could identify the vehicle.

Spring Street Blues

Tuesday 10-29-19

6:04 p.m. Thompson student parking lot: Dispatch received a report that a parked car had a broken window. An officer met with the owner at the vehicle, which had a broken driver’s side small rear window.

Spring Street Blues

Monday 10-21-19

7:00 p.m. Hopkins Hall: The director of campus safety received an email in regard to a bias incident that occurred over the weekend in East College. Officers went to East College and checked for evidence.