A closer look at the strategic planning report on International Initiatives

On Feb. 21, the College released the drafts of 12 strategic planning reports, including a report on international initiatives, which had the goal of creating a “fuller integration of global learning into the academic experience at Williams.” To achieve this, the report acknowledged issues and proposed recommendations related to international programs, education and community at the College.

One in Two Thousand: Argenis Herrera ’22


Each week, we randomly select a unix from a list of all current students at the College. So long as the owner of the selected unix is on campus, willing to be interviewed and not a member of the Record board, that person becomes the subject of that week’s One in Two Thousand.

Unified basketball unites community at MGRHS

In addition to the usual versity and junior varsity sports, some Massachusetts high schools, including Mount Greylock Regional High School (MGRHS), are on the forefront of a new athletics program that values inclusion, advocacy and teamwork over winning. “Unified Sports” was established by the Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools  in 2008 as a way to promote athletic inclusion for all youth, regardless of developmental ability.

Coolest Athletic Offices

When they are not motivating their players on the field, court or rink, Eph coaches are busy working away in their office. Take a behind-the-scenes look at their spaces!

Teams begin winter seasons, welcome new players

Returning women’s ice hockey goalie Chloe Heitling ’22 had 532 saves in her 24 games played last season. (Photo courtesy of Sports Information.)

With snow now on the ground in the Purple Valley, winter season teams are preparing for competition, ramping up practice schedules as fall season athletes wrap up their post-seasons. 

Competition for winter teams starts as soon as this weekend, as wrestling takes on Trinity and men’s basketball battles against Worcester State.

Captains’ Corner: Liz Webber ’20

(Photo courtesy of Sports Information.)

Team: Women’s soccer  

Hometown: Natick, Mass. 

Residence: 63 Hoxsey St. 

Major: Psychology 

Snack bar order: Nachos with white sauce, bacon and tomatoes

You were on the team as a first-year, but you weren’t able to play, right? 

I actually had surgery freshman year, so I didn’t play freshman year. I had surgery this year, so I’m not playing this year.