Love in the time of COVID-19

Since the campus closure, many student couples have had to trade dates at Images and Blue Mango for virtual Netflix parties and FaceTime baking. From first-years who have just begun dating, to seniors who are planning their post-college lives together, all Williams couples — even those in quarantine together — are adapting their relationships to find the best ways to be together while apart.

It was never going to be a straight line

Let me start with an apology. Through no fault of your own, seniors, you are graduating in the midst of a global pandemic. You will not get your swan song of spring semester, finish that final research project or walk in the graduation you worked so hard to earn. It is a truly terrible twist of fate.

Franklin Reilly ’21 runs 100 miles for food bank fundraiser

It was the beginning of April, just a few weeks after Franklin Reilly ’21 returned home to Edwards, Colo. He had recently finished his winter season on the Nordic ski team and had been gearing up for a spring season running track that was ultimately cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Creatives in Quarantine: Alexa Walkovitz ’21

For many students, life in quarantine has been characterized by mundanity, days that move drearily into one another without remark. Almost two months since the College canceled in-person classes, students are beginning to experience self-isolation as a new normal, habituating to the lifestyle in a way that makes it feel all the more dull as they become numb to emotions outside of their standard quarantine mood.

JA excursions revamped into one-on-one video calls

At this point in the school year, Junior Advisors (JAs) to the next year’s freshman class would typically be in the midst of JA excursions, or “dates,” with the goal of determining who they want to work with in a co-group next year. JA dates usually entail meeting up with a group of three to six JAs and doing an activity on campus together. However, due to most students being off campus as a result of COVID-19, these excursions look very different this year.