The time is now: Calling for the College to act upon recommendations and make Asian American studies a reality

In its recent report on the status of Asian American studies (AAS) at the College, a Curricular Planning Committee (CPC) working group recommended that the College make two tenure-track appointments for faculty with specialized training in AAS and formalize an AAS program with a concentration. 

In offering its students the finest possible liberal arts education, the College must include this critical field of study that both offers unique methodologies and perspectives and strengthens other disciplines. In this critical moment for AAS at the College, after past attempts have been met with dismissal and hesitation, we at the Record call upon the College to take action and to commit to implementing the working group report’s recommendations without delay.

“March for the Damned” honors on-leave professors Love, Green

Marchers raised their fists in solidarity at the end of the “March for the Damned” last Thursday, circling Isaiah Blake ’21 in Baxter Hall. SABRINE BRISMEUR/PHOTO EDITOR

More than 200 students and faculty congregated last Thursday in Hollander Hall to participate in the “March for the Damned,” a rally in solidarity with Black and Brown faculty and staff at the College.

Box Office Hours: ‘Capernaum’ with Cheryl Shanks

It’s taking everything in my willpower to restrain from commenting on Sunday’s Academy Awards. After seeing Capernaum, a film by Lebanese actor, writer and director Nadine Labaki, I can discuss the Best Foreign Language Film category.

High winds topple trees, damage Dodd chimney, cause power outage

A tree blocked Mission Hill Drive after winds knocked it over on Monday. SABRINE BRISMEUR/PHOTO EDITOR

High winds averaging 25 to 35 mph and gusts up to 65 mph caused damage around campus on Monday, including the collapse of and damages to the Dodd House chimney and two student rooms, respectively.

Institutional forgetting at Williams: A call for “Testimonies of the Damned”

In light of the recent March for the Damned, the members of CARE Now are calling for students, faculty, alums and staff to create a permanent, online archive – “Testimonies of the Damned” – of the College’s violent practices against people of color. These stories will be anonymized and shared with the school community in an online archive.

College Council probes potential OSL influence in treasurer election

College Council (CC) is currently looking into an email sent to all club sport athletes regarding the CC treasurer election and club sport funding by Kris Hoey, the assistant director for student organizations and clubs sport in the Office of Student Life (OSL), which some on CC believe may have influenced the outcome of the election. 

Hoey’s email did not explicitly support either candidate. The email, however, was read by some on CC as an implicit endorsement for the then-sailing club treasurer Jamie Vaccaro ’21.

On Amazon’s HQ2: Finding gray areas in the HQ2 debacle

The fight over the new site for Amazon’s HQ2 had cities begging and pleading with Amazon, offering massive tax incentives to make themselves more appealing to the company. My own city, Buffalo, put forward $500 million in tax breaks and offered $700 million in local tax incentives, but those numbers seem inconsequential in the face of Amazon, which hit a market cap of $1 trillion six months ago.