Addressing Title IX changes: Why we must oppose the weakening of crucial protections

In addition to our main editorial this week, the Record’s editorial board wishes to recognize the College’s Board of Trustees for allowing students to replace any one summer earnings contribution with additional grant aid. This change, we believe, is a meaningful step towards more equitably allowing all students to pursue a fuller range of summer opportunities, and we commend the board for it.

Campus Cribs: Life in the President’s House

President Maud Mandel enjoys living with her husband, daughter and two cats in the recently renovated President’s House. Aniah Price/Photo Editor

When President Maud Mandel and her family moved into the President’s House on July 1, Williamstown was going through a heat wave, with temperatures climbing into the mid-90s.

Learn my name: confronting overt and subtle racism

When my parents came to this country 19 years ago, carrying me in a baby carriage and my older sister in a stroller, one of their first tasks was to write down our names in English for the first time. From what they tell me, they briefly considered giving my sister and me “American” names, like Michael and Katie or Brian and Megan, but for one reason or another they ultimately decided on translating our given Korean names phonetically.