We belong where we are: A love letter to Rice House

On November 11, 2018, the Black Student Union (BSU) hosted a town hall in Griffin 3. What we originally intended to be a discussion on housing and the upcoming Davis Center renovations turned into the most radically political space I have ever seen at the College.

Mandel recounts academic and personal journey to the College

At Purple Rain’s concert last Saturday, a sea of students, faculty and parents serenaded President of the College Maud Mandel for her “almost half-birthday.”
As the mini half-birthday celebration demonstrated, many students have embraced Mandel, whose genuineness, approachability and “cool mom vibes” have won over the hearts of College members. Part of what makes the community view Mandel in this way has been her actions throughout her first semester here in Williamstown.

“Raising Hell” enraptures audience with witty, absurd antics

At 8 p.m. last Friday night, students piled into Paresky Auditorium for the Perennial Amateur Convention’s (PAC) fall comedy show, Raising Hell, which consisted of a few introductory stand-up acts followed by sketches written by the group’s members. Julia Cochran ’19, PAC president, greeted the audience, giving a nod to the show’s director Abby Lloyd ’20, and introduced head writers Evelyn Elgart ’19 and Benjamin Stanley ’19, the latter of whom she jokingly said was only there “to not alienate the men in the audience.” She acknowledged PAC’s female leadership in a genre of entertainment that has historically been male dominated.

Guidebook explores campus with levity

E.J. Johnson and Michael Lewis co-authored a new, witty guidebook, Williams College: The Campus Guide. Katie Brule/Photo Editor

Which “architectural jamboree” is actually the only building on campus that bears true national significance?