Students organize in support of transgender rights

Last Friday, students, faculty, staff and community members held a rally in front of the Williams Inn in support of the rights of transgender people – a response to the Trump administration’s recently leaked proposal to narrowly define gender as a biological, immutable condition. The rally especially advocated for voting “Yes” on Question 3 on the Massachusetts ballot this coming Election Day.

David Edwards receives AES book prize

Last week, the American Ethnological Society (AES) awarded Professor of Anthropology David Edwards its 2018 Senior Book Prize for his work, Caravan of Martyrs: Sacrifice and Suicide Bombing in Afghanistan. This was reviewed in an issue of the Record following its 2017 publication (“David Edwards analyzes transformation of martyrdom in new book,” April 26, 2017).  The AES Senior Book Prize is given biennially to “a work that speaks to contemporary social issues with relevance beyond the discipline and beyond the academy,” according to the AES website.

Campus Cribs: Sage B301 is the ‘God Quad’ of first-year housing

God Quad is home to four first-years and features thought-provoking decorations like a cigarette ad from a vintage Playboy issue. Sam Gollob/Contributing Photographer

When we arrived at Sage B301, what immediately struck us was not the array of signs on the door reading “GOD QUAD” in bold italics.

Community rally protests climate change

In 1988, Dr. James E. Hansen testified before Congress that  the southeastern and midwestern sections of the United States would be subjected to high temperatures and drought in the near future. Thirty years later, climate change is still a major problem, and citizens are still using the legal system to advocate against the issue.