The Williams Record has undergone many changes to improve our paper subscription service:

  • Shipping is now via United States Postal Service First Class shipping to the 50 states. Papers should arrive within 3-5 days of publication.
  • We now also offer multiple subscription length choices to accommodate those who do not want the hassle of renewing every year.
  • Right now we are accepting payment by check and credit card. Prices are detailed below. Please write the check out to Williams College and mail it to the following address:

ATTN: The Williams Record

39 Chapin Hall Dr.

Williamstown, MA 01267


Note: In accordance with The Record‘s commitment to go green, we now offer a digital subscription in which your newspaper is emailed to you in a PDF in vivid color. For a 1 semester digital subscription, you will get 1 semester for free. For all other digital subscriptions, you will get 1 free year in addition to your subscription.


$45.00,1 Semester  (11 issues),1 Year  (22 issues),

$78.00,1 Year  (22 issues),2 Years  (44 issues)

$145.00,2 Years  (44 issues),3 Years  (66 issues),

$185.00,3 Years  (66 issues),4 Years  (88 issues),

$225.00,4 Years  (88 Issues),5 Years  (110 Issues),


Please direct all questions and concerns to