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IT on IT

I am grateful to the editorial board of The Williams Record for giving me an opportunity to share some thoughts about computing over the course of the Spring Term. Because…

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Students, town need more interaction

For many a student at this school, Williamstown is a breath of fresh air. Budget deficits, crime, and other big-city problems seem a world away in this purple hamlet.

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Raina too quick to condemn

Most of the time, I allow my senior apathy to carry me through my last days at Williams College.

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Raina articles narrow-minded

I am reluctant to respond to Avi Raina’s columns as I am still convinced that there is no “Avi Raina” and his column is just a Psych experiment intended to observe how a community responds to an uninformed, narrow-minded opinion dictated to a mass audience.

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Non-athletic activities not recognized enough

While sitting in my entry’s common room, I saw a sign that asked for First years to sign up to host prospective students in April, when they come to preview Williams.

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Winter Study not taken seriously by students

Recently, the Record was under fire for printing in its On the Record a quote from an anonymous freshman claiming that all he did during Winter Study was “smoke and drink.”

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Student voice lacking in Carnival planning

Winter Carnival festivities are almost upon us and to add to the festivities SAC is paying $12,000 to bring live entertainment to campus.

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Students, staff need better communication

The front page of The Record boldly announces that the Health Center scare is just a rumor. Should this put all of our fears to rest regarding the future of our little refuge?

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Class issues not recognized at Williams

Due to the careful efforts of many, the Williams student body is undeniably "multicultural."

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Special Prosecutor deserving of investigation

Innocent until proven guilty. Practically every citizen of the United States has heard these words repeated time and time again through the overexposed trials of O.J. Simpson, Timothy McVeigh, and countless others.

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