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No to NATO Expansion

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is intended to “keep the Americans up, the Germans down and the Russians out.”

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Ice Cream and President Payne

With the arrival of hordes of high school seniors who are now considering Williams as a place to spend their next four years, we at the Record had the opportunity to experience first hand how exactly Williams lives up to its reputation.

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Responses to March 3 Iraq Article

While this might disappoint the Free Press and others, I want to clarify that this response to Matt Gutman’s article and Professor McAllister’s March 4 speech is not a defense of Saddam Hussein.

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Public education is worth saving in America

If you give a professor ten minutes, he will think he has fifty. We are used to classes and not debates.

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Responses to March 3 Iraq article II

The March 3 Record article “Peace in Iraq? Conflict not over until Hussein is powerless,” while providing, for the most part, an accurate if highly selective summary of recent events, failed to touch a number of key issues while grossly misrepresenting others.

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PIRG money not used on students

You’ve probably noticed that MassPIRG has become unusually active on campus during the last two or three weeks, with taste tests, bright signs, interest meetings and even petitions.

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Jenness House: A fight for recognition

The Multicultural Center’s struggle for appreciation is best embodied in the words of Sharon George ‘91: “We are seeking to make life bearable here.

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Should MassPIRG be reaffirmed?

As MassPIRG’s reaffirmation vote takes place today and tomorrow, we at the Record would like to offer reasons as to why the Williams student body should vote against MassPIRG.

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Vote Yes for MassPIRG

At Williams College, MassPIRG is a positive influence on campus.

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Sugar and Spice

Welcome back to another glorious week of Features. We’ve lost weight this week—no, not Phen-Fen. Our section got a whole lot skinnier thanks to a photo essay on “How I…

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