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Students important to election

I would like to respond to an objection that has surfaced in discussions about the override vote.

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Teamwork needed for change

Last fall, we wrote an opinion piece when the future of NCAA eligibility for NESCAC teams was first debated.

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Service encouraged by credit

This weekend, Williams students gathered around toothpicks, bottles of glue and small trees building model trains for the North Adam’s Community youth service.

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Chalkings serve no purpose

To the Editor: Once again, certain members of the BGLTU have covered the sidewalk of our campus with chalk-written comments, criticisms and condemnations of an unnecessarily vulgar variety.

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Thoughts on Queer Pride Days – strength in unity

Queer Pride Days are important. There are a number of reasons why, but the two reasons that stand out in my mind are these:

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Thoughts on Queer Pride Days – civil discourse needed

Queer Pride Days has been at Williams for as long as any of us students have been here, and I was delighted to have the opportunity this year to express my reactions to it in the Record.

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Muirhead loss not as big as paper makes it

To the Editor: April 25, 1998: It is unfortunate that Russ Muirhead is leaving Williams. You are wrong, however, that his departure eliminates the 200-level political theory offerings. I am…

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NESCAC policy in the wrong

Most of the schools in the New England Small College Athletic Conference are recognized as being among the finest in the nation.

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Campus apathetic towards AIDS quilt

A portion of the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt was on display in Williamstown last weekend.

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Beware wild animals: Queer Bash ’98

This Saturday started out pretty much like any other; I got up around noon, had lunch with a friend, and even pretended to do a little work while I was waiting for a free dryer.

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