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The Arena is latest venue for ARC

Thursday night, the Activity Resource Center bussed students to The Arena, an activity center in Pittsfield.

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The Acclaimed OCC Quiz

How much do you know about getting a job?

As a member of the Class of 1998, I have been spending this Winter Study browsing the literature at the OCC, slouching in a chair and half-heartedly jotting addresses from various pink Job Notebooks onto some notepad with "Putnam Investments" written at the bottom.

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Roger’s Corner

Record: Hi Roger. Roger: I would like to state that I’ve never committed any indiscretions with Paula Jones. We’ve always maintained an honorable relationship.

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One in 2000: Jeff McMahon

Jeff McMahon- Junior

Residence: West

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Let me outta here, first-years say

As Thanksgiving break approaches, many first years are preparing to venture off the Williams campus for their longest break since beginning college a few months ago.

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The end is nigh…

The Apocalypse is upon us. We at the Record will spew forth the seven plagues at Williams this semester, as the seven angels from Books 8-11 of Revelation blew their trumpets to signal the first seven plagues of the Apocalypse.

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From Athens to Singapore

International students constitute seven percent of the student body at Williams. From a total of nearly 50 different countries, they bring enormous diversity of experience and viewpoints to the campus.

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