Author: Katie Brule and Sophia Shin, Photo Editors

Word on the Quad: Who’s your prof crush?

"Jeffrey Israel." Peter Le '21   "Rashida Braggs." Shane Beard '20     "I have too many. I can't choose." Coly Elhai '19   "Robert Jackall." Kearan Burke '18

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Word on the Quad: What’s your favorite fabric?

Chiffon. Yiwen Xu ’21   Cotton. Mori Ladu ’20     Cashmere. Benjamin Bui ’19   Satin. Noah Wright ’18

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Word on the Quad: What fashion trend do you want to bring back?

’80s workout clothes. Karmen Liang '21   Overalls. David Gorestki '20   Lace as décor rather than as a sex symbol. Serapia Kim '19   Over-the-Knee boots '18  

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