Spring Street Bluest: a semester review

Rebecca Tauber/News Editor

The Record has compiled information from this semester’s Spring Street Blues articles, providing a closer look at the calls that Campus Safety and Security (CSS) received. Each week, Director of CSS David Boyer sends the date, time and description of every incident involving CSS to the Record. Information was gathered from Jan. 29 to Feb. 25 and March 5 to May 6.

The compilation found that Friday and Saturday are the days of the week with the most incidents involving CSS. Of locations on campus, CSS responded most frequently to events in dorm buildings. Among the residence halls, Sage Hall received the most calls, with nine incidents throughout the semester. Morgan Hall had the second most, with eight calls, while Dodd House, Garfield House and Williams Hall tied for third with seven calls each.

Of the types of calls throughout the semester, CSS responded most frequently to medical emergencies and injuries, with a total of 36. Of these, 22 students were transported to Berkshire Medical Center. The second most common type of incident involved loud noise and partying.

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