Police department data details alcohol citations

Number of alcohol-related citations per location over the last three years. Graphic courtesy of Nicholas Goldrosen/Executive Editor.

The Record examined data for all citations issued by the Williamstown Police Department (WPD) for minors in possession of alcohol, fake ID usage or open container violations in the three-year period from 2015 to 2017. Several patterns arose, including the fairly small number of citations issued, several locations around which most citations were issued and the relatively limited days and times at which citations for these offenses were given out.

Over the three-year period, there were 41 instances in which WPD officers made arrests or issued citations involving one of the above alcohol-related offenses. Of these, 29 instances involved students at the College, and 12 did not. Of those citations issues to non-students, all but two stemmed from motor vehicle stops.

The citations to students seemed to consist of two types: those issued on the street in connection with a stop by an officer, generally for open container and minor possession offenses, and those issued under different circumstances. There were 24 citations that appeared to be issued via street stops. All but one of them involved students under the age of 21 – only one citation was for an open container violation by a student of legal drinking age. Of the remaining five citations, one was issued for fake ID usage at the Spirit Shop on Cole Ave., and four were issued in connection with drug charges stemming from narcotics investigations at the College.

Of the 24 citations not connected to a liquor store or narcotics investigation, 11 were issued on Hoxsey St., five on Park St., three on Walden St., two at the First Congregational Church and one each issued at the Adams Memorial Theatre on South St. and Sloan House. All 24 of these citations were issued on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday between the hours of 9 p.m. and 1 a.m. The citations were not evenly distributed over the three-year period; more than half were issued in September and October of 2017. No individual day had more than four citations issued, with the most falling on Saturday, Oct. 21.

This data did not include any open criminal cases nor any citations issued by agencies other than the WPD.

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