Nature’s Closet and Spring Street Market offer fruitful smoothie options

The Smoothie Spot offers a delectable variety of smoothies containing everything from flax to fruit. Kameron Cisneros/Contributing Writer.

Many students, including me, desire nothing more than a refreshing smoothie on a nice, warm day. The Smoothie Spot in Nature’s Closet is a well-known destination to satisfy this craving. However, with Spring Street Market’s recent addition of smoothies to its menu, students have a surprising amount of smoothie options in Williamstown.

As a frequent Smoothie Spot customer, I have tried most of their offerings. My favorite smoothie of theirs is the “Nutty Notch.” This is a blend of locally-sourced organic peanut butter, cashews, bananas, raw cacao, local honey and chocolate almond milk. I personally love this smoothie not only because of the banana, peanut butter and chocolate flavor, but also because it is an amazing source of fuel for your day. The portion is just the right size to keep you both full and energized, and it is the perfect post-workout recovery drink.

Another selling point of the Smoothie Spot is that it offers the option to add a “superfood booster” to your drink for just an additional dollar. These boosters include flax seeds, oats, hemp protein, whey protein and vegetarian protein. In addition to smoothies, the Smoothie Spot offers “Berkshire Bowls,” which come in two flavors — açai and pitaya — and are topped with strawberries, blueberries, banana, granola, local honey and your choice of a superfood booster. Every purchase can be used toward the Smoothie Shop’s rewards system; if you buy 10 smoothies, you get one for free. This is undoubtedly an attractive quality for anyone who finds themselves often in the market for a smoothie.

My next stop was Spring Street Market, where I was surprised by the wealth of smoothie options. Spring Street Market has seven smoothies on its menu, as well as an “Upside-Down Breakfast,” which is yogurt coated in a berry smoothie, topped with granola and fresh berries.

I decided to try the “Wild Woman,” its most popular concoction. I was extremely pleased with the Wild Woman’s mixture of ingredients:  mango, ginger, organic coconut, orange zest, mint and coconut milk.  The smoothie was almost like a mango-sicle, and the coconut gave it a very delightful tropical feel — sweet, but not too sweet. I brought the smoothie back to Paresky to have my friends try and received nothing but positive feedback. Everyone loved the mango-coconut combination and was surprised to hear that it had come from Spring Street Market and not the Smoothie Spot. Needless to say, this smoothie was definitely one that I would purchase again in the future.

One important similarity in these two smoothie options is their price. Both rang in at about $7, which is equivalent to one meal swipe at Snack Bar. They also both use local ingredients, helping support the farms in our surrounding area and keeping the smoothies tasting fresh and healthy.

In comparing smoothies from each place, I would say that they are different but both delicious. I have found that smoothies from the Smoothie Spot are very filling and can be used as a meal supplement. The smoothie that I had from Spring Street Market, on the other hand, was smaller in portion and considerably less filling. It is a perfect beverage to have with your sandwich or meal.

If you find yourself craving a smoothie in the near future, you can’t go wrong with either choice. The Purple Bubble may be lacking in restaurants and stores, but it surely is not lacking in delicious smoothies!

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