Students respond to Claiming Williams Day survey

William Newton/Executive Editor

This week, the Record sent out a survey to a random sample of 500 students regarding participation in various Claiming Williams Day events. 123 responses were recorded, with the sample of Claiming Williams participants adding up to 88. Overall, 73.9 percent of students who were on campus at the time reported participating at least one event, with a 95 percent confidence interval of approximately 7.9 percent. Therefore, it is extremely likely that between 66 percent and 82 percent of all students at the College participated in at least one event.

The median number of events that any one student attended was two, with participating students reporting having attended anywhere between one and six events. The most popular time slots for events were 10:45 a.m., when the morning keynote speaker Julissa Arce presented, and 2 p.m., when various community forums were held. Approximately 40 percent of participation occurred in each slot. On the other hand, the least popular time slot was at 8 a.m., with only 3.4 percent of respondents reporting attending the yoga workshop held at that time.

Of those respondents who attended at least one Claiming Williams event, 39 percent reported attending similar events “once a month,” while 46 percent reported doing so “rarely.” Only 11 percent reported attending such events more than once a month. Although these numbers only reflect the subsection of the student body that participated in Claiming Williams Day, they still speak to the extent to which many students do not engage with these issues outside of Claiming Williams Day.