Ramunto’s Brick Oven Pizza to replace Hops and Vines as new Log vendor

On Tuesday, the College announced that food and drink service will return to The Log in a new partnership with Ramunto’s Brick Oven Pizza. Work will continue in the next few weeks to return The Log to full operations, with the expected re-opening to occur soon after Spring Break.

The Log has been on hiatus since Dec. 29, after local vendor Hops and Vines decided to end its food and drink partnership with the College at the end of last year. In a school-wide announcement, Vice President for Campus Life Steve Klass thanked Hops and Vines for its service to the community over the past two years, citing the restaurant business as a “notoriously challenging one.” Klass also commended “the hard work and support we received from the Hops and Vines team during The Log’s two years of existence.”

The decision by Hops and Vines to leave The Log was followed soon after by a decision to close its location on Water St. in January, ending all business operations in the area.

After the College was informed of the departure of Hops and Vines, immediate efforts were put forth to secure a new food and beverage vendor for the location. Ultimately, the College selected Ramunto’s Brick Oven Pizza. Ramunto’s boasts a dozen locations across New England and offers a diverse menu and a commitment to local products. The College will work with nearby partners behind the two closest locations of the restaurant in Bennington, V.T. and North Adams, Mass.

In addition to offering a new menu, the re-opened Log will offer a more convenient and casual dining experience for patrons. The Log will now offer self-seating and counter service instead of a wait staff. Delivery service, coordinated through the Ramunto’s location in North Adams, will also be available. The new style of service is partially in response to student feedback during the past two years that the waitstaff approach was too formal for the space. Some students remarked that they sometimes found it difficult to simply walk in and grab a table. “We think that [this new] service style will generally feel much more organic and natural,” Klass said.

The re-opening of The Log will also feature new programming from the Office of Student Life. The announcement of the formal start date for the new partnership will be accompanied by news of a grand opening event.

“We look forward to the arrival of a new and improved Log and are as delighted to be working in collaboration with Ramunto’s as they are to [be] becoming part of the College community,” Klass said.

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