Semiannual Approval Ratings


This past week, the Record conducted its semiannual approval ratings survey. The survey asked respondents to mark their opinion of the performance of several campus institutions: either “Approve,” “Neutral” or “Disapprove.”  These options mark a change from previous years’ surveys, where the “Neutral” option was instead categorized as “No Opinion.” In previous years, “No Opinion” responses were excluded from the data; they are included this year. As such, comparisons cannot reliably be made with previous years.

The survey was sent to 500 randomly selected unixes, drawn from the population of all students who began at the College from Aug. 2014 through Aug. 2017. Of those, the sample that responded consisted of 118 students, or 5.3 percent of the population. The response rate was 23.6 percent.

Approval ratings ranged from a high of 89.8 percent of respondents marking “Approve,” for the faculty, to a low of 27.9 percent of respondents saying that they approved of the performance of Integrative Wellbeing Services (IWS)  and an identical rating for President Adam Falk.

The 95 percent confidence intervals for most of the approval ratings was smaller in magnitude than plus or minus eight percentage points. A full copy of approval ratings and confidence intervals may be found here: Record Approval Ratings 2017 Fall

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