Spring Street Blues

Tuesday 10-17-17

12:08 a.m. Mission Park: A first-year student made a report concerning suspicious text messages.  Campus Safety and Security (CSS) contacted the Williamstown Police Department due to the disturbing nature of the messages. No one could locate the phone number in any of the College databases, but CSS believes it is a number used for running a scam.

Wednesday 10-18-17

1:33 a.m. Currier House: A student reported an ongoing back issue that had flared up. He was offered a transport to the hospital to get the pain checked. He stated that he had taken some medication, felt that it was beginning to work and wanted to give it some more time. He was advised that if he did not feel better in 20 minutes he should call back and go to the hospital. 

4:15 p.m. Fitch: A student came to CSS to report that a couch that someone reported missing from a common room last week had been returned. 

Thursday 10-19-17

5:30 p.m. Cole Field House: A cross country runner who sprained his ankle requested medical transport to Towne Field House. He was advised to go to the Health Center to have his ankle examined. He was also advised he should complete a statement regarding his injury and a Personal Accident Injury Report, but has not yet done so.

11:30 p.m. Wood: Officers responded to a noise complaint in the basement. The students were within college guidelines for a small gathering and only had one case of beer. The officers informed them of the noise complaint, and they were very respectful and said they would keep the noise level down.

Friday 10-20-17

12:45 p.m. Center for Developmental Economics: Officers responded to the front of the building after it was reported that a tree limb fell from a tree and hit a pedestrian who was walking his toddler in a carriage in the head. Village Ambulance responded and brought this individual to Berkshire Health North for stitches.

Saturday 10-21-17

12:29 a.m. Carter: Officers responded to a noise complaint submitted via the tip-line and found approximately 12 students in a common room listening to very loud music. There was also an extremely pungent odor of marijuana that had just been smoked in the room and smoking paraphernalia was present in plain view.

1:36 p.m. Weston Field: Officers responded to meet with an officer working the football game. A local woman had been walking around the exterior of Lee Track on the sidewalk and had fallen. She had an apparent right wrist injury, potentially a fracture. Village Ambulance was already on scene for the football game and treated her, and an additional ambulance was called to respond. The ambulance transported her to Berkshire Health North in North Adams.

3:18 p.m. Hopkins Hall: A student reported that there was a non-College-affiliated individual on campus who was making him feel uncomfortable and that he was concerned for a possible confrontation tonight. Officers advised him that, if the person did indeed approach him, he should call CSS immediately.

Sunday 10-22-17

12:14 a.m. Morgan: Officers responded to a noise complaint on the third floor and found loud music coming from one room. CSS advised the resident responsible for the noise, who agreed to turn the music down.

2:30 p.m. Gladden: Officers responded to check on a possible domestic disturbance in progress. Upon arrival everything was quiet. Officers spoke with several students and asked all of them to come into the CSS office to make statements.

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