Fresh Faces on the Field

We asked eight first-year student-athletes to tell us why they chose to attend the College. These were their responses.


Simone Veale ’21. Photo courtesy of Sports Information.

Simone Veale ’21

Field hockey

Wilmington, Del.


“It was really [Head] Coach [Alix] Barrale’s [’93] mentality about being a student-athlete at Williams that drew me to the school and the field hockey program. She understands that we are students before we are athletes and allows us to pursue any classes we want while still creating an intense team atmosphere during practice hours.”


Aidan Ryan ’21

Men’s cross country

New York, N.Y.


“Williams was the only place where I could see myself enjoying running for four years. Cross country is a very inclusive and receptive group, and everyone shares the same passion and drive for running. With an amazing team and endlessly beautiful trails to run, there was only one place I could happily go to.”


Nick Van Belle ’21. Photo courtesy of Nick Van Belle.

Nick Van Belle ’21

Men’s ice hockey

Stamford, Conn.


“I chose to come to Williams because it has the perfect combination of academic and athletic challenges. It seems that as an athlete at this school, you are pushed harder to excel in the classroom than to excel on the field or in the rink, which is something that made my decision easy.”





Jackson Corrigan ’21

Men’s soccer

Tarrytown, N.Y.


“I came to the College as a non-recruit hoping to walk onto the soccer team. I had heard before coming here that the NESCAC and specifically Williams was a place where walk-ons could often play significant roles on the team. Now, having made varsity, I hope that I can do so.”


Syd Jones ’21

Syd Jones ’21. Photo courtesy of Sports Information.

Women’s soccer

Boca Raton, Fl.


“At first, I was extremely nervous and stressed out about the college process. I had visited Williams twice, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to come until my official visit. During my official visit, I met the team and the coaches, and I had the chance to visualize myself as a collegiate student-athlete. What spoke to me most was the sense of community and support system that the soccer team and the coaches gave me, which, in the end, was why I decided to become an Eph.”



Justin Burke ’21


Morristown, N.J.


“I discovered Williams through the football team, and was excited to have the opportunity to come here due to the academic reputation, personal growth opportunities and career opportunities. My choice was validated when I arrived and felt welcomed by both the coaching staff and players; I felt like I belonged.”


Jenny Hickey ’21. Photo courtesy of Team Long Island.

Jenny Hickey ’21


New Hyde Park, N.Y.


“I chose Williams because it was everything that I wanted in a school and in a softball program. Last fall, I did an overnight stay with one of the girls on the team and it gave me my first glance at being a student-athlete at Williams. During my stay, I was able to hang out with the team, attend a 6:15 a.m. lift and sit in on classes. I loved the chemistry and sense of community that the team had, and at that point I knew this was something I definitely wanted to be a part of.”




Olivia Dulany ’21

Olivia Dulany ’21. Photo courtesy of Sports Information.

Field hockey

Lutherville, Md.


“The sense and culture of inclusivity and support, along with the coaching staff, is definitely what drew me to Williams and specifically to Williams field hockey. There’s this understanding on the team that we aren’t there to tear each other down or push each other too far, but rather to have fun and represent Williams, which I think is very important.”

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