Captains’ Corner: Jenna Chodos ’17

Jenna Chodos ’17. Photo courtesy of Sports Information.



Women’s lacrosse


Wilmington, Del.


Spring Street

Snack bar order:

Double cheese nachos from ’82 Grill

When did you start playing lacrosse?

I started playing in third grade. I played for fun, and a bunch of my friends did it. Lacrosse is pretty big in the mid-Atlantic region, so it was common to play at that young of an age.

How was your lacrosse experience before coming to the College?

I also played basketball, field hockey and soccer growing up. For some reason, girls’ soccer in Delaware is in the spring, so I had to pick between soccer and lacrosse. That was a really tough decision, but I had a lot of fun playing lacrosse, so I decided to stick with it. My high school team, Tower Hill, we went to the state championship twice. I also played for a summer league team in Pennsylvania. It was fun to meet a bunch of people from that area and travel with them to tournaments.

Did anyone in particular influence your lacrosse career when you were growing up?

No one in my family had played lacrosse before. A lot of my closest friends played, so it was a big social thing for me at first, but I started really enjoying the sport and was passionate about lacrosse. That pushed me further.

Why did you decide to come to the College?

Honestly, I had always pictured going to a city school, but when I visited Williams, I realized that I wanted a smaller community and somewhere where I could really get close to my peers and still be able to focus on academics without being too distracted by big city things. I applied to a bunch of schools but really respected [Head] Coach [Chris] Mason and the program here. We just got Coach Mason her 300th win last Monday, which was really exciting. Also, field hockey [Head] Coach Alix Barrale ’93 went to my high school, so I had a connection to her and learned about the College through her.

What are your favorite things about the team?

We have great team chemistry, so I love constantly hanging out with my teammates. I also love how during the spring season, we get to have spring break with the team, so we get a lot of bonding time. We always go on a trip and play a lot of games together. We play Pictionary and charades with our coach, and we make skits. It’s a lot of fun – like summer camp.

Where are you going this year, and whom will you compete against?

We’re going to Colorado for the second week of spring break. We’re playing against Colorado College and MIT. We have two games, and the rest of the week is practicing, so we have a lot of free time, but we get to fill it up with team activities. I’m very excited.

What position do you play, and how would you describe your playing style?

I now play midfield, but freshman year I played attack, sophomore year I played defense, and last year I played every position. I like midfield because I like offense and defense. There isn’t one thing that I would say I am better at than other things. I just love to be out there on both sides of the field.

What are your proudest individual and team accomplishments in lacrosse?

I’ll start with team accomplishments. Freshman year, we went to the Sweet 16 of NCAAs, which was really fun. We didn’t even have a field, so we were traveling to practices constantly, and we still bonded as a team, and our team chemistry propelled us forward. We did the best that the team has done in a while. Individually, my favorite thing is getting a turnover on defense then passing it up and having a smooth midfield transition into a player-up, fast-break goal. Those are definitely the most exciting moments. They’re not really due to one individual, but everyone on the team.

What is it like being a team captain?

It’s different, but at the same time, it still feels like I’m a part of the same awesome team chemistry. There is a lot of planning involved, but besides that, everyone holds her own share of the weight and is very motivated and pushes herself. It’s been a lot of fun being a leader.

You mentioned Coach Mason. What do you like about playing for her?

She has been a huge influence on a lot of people on the team, both athletically and personally. She is constantly looking out for everyone on the team. If something comes up, she is always checking in with us, which I think is very unique. Specifically, I think that she does differ from a lot of NESCAC coaches. When I tell my friends on other NESCAC teams stories about her, they’re always kind of jealous. I’m very lucky to have her. She is a naturally competitive person but is still so fun and caring. She makes it really easy for everyone to want to be at practice every day and want to win at the same time.

What are your goals for the spring season?

Chris told us that if we win NESCACs, we can pour a huge thing of Gatorade on her, so my goals for the season are to win NESCACs, be as successful as we can and play to our maximum ability.