Print Shop settles into new location

The Print Shop, formerly on Main Street, is now situated at its new Spring Street location. Janeth Rodriguez/Photo Editor.

Spring Street has a new addition that hopes to cater to all of your printing needs. Nestled between Pappa Charlie’s and Mad Macs is the new location of the Print Shop, servicing students and local businesses alike. When you walk in, you can find all of the store’s services conveniently adorning the wall, from copying and scanning to printing bumper stickers and

A large desk dominates the space and behind it sits The Print Shop’s owner, Elinor Goodwin. “We were a part of Berkshire Direct, which was a full-service marketing agency,” she said. “They did not want to do print anymore, they were just going with online marketing websites and online email marketing and things like that. So, I bought that side of the business, and we started the Print Shop: Williamstown.”
The Print Shop, now in its fourth year of business, once occupied a spot on Main Street near Colonial Shopping Center before moving to its current location. Goodwin has found that the new location is an advantage. “Students are finding us more and more,” she said. “Lots of people will walk by on the street and think ‘Oh, I can print a photo,’ and then come in, send me a photo and we can print 4×6 photos right as people wait.”
It would seem that most of the Print Shop’s business would come from students looking to produce the multitude of posters and fliers that decorate dorm hallways and academic building bulletin boards around campus. While posters are a popular service, however, the most frequent request people make when walking into the shop is actually much smaller in size. “We do passport photos, which a lot of students, faculty and staff have been having done. Visa photos for applications and things like that have been pretty popular since we’ve moved over here,” Goodwin said. As if for emphasis, a woman walked in moments later with two young boys, asking for a passport photo to be taken for one of them.
The Print Shop also does the printing for Cards by Hailey, a card company whose product features water-color pictures of fruit and witty captions that was started by recent alumna Hailey Herring-Newbound ’16. “It has been fun to be a part of Hailey’s journey,” Goodwin said.
Goodwin has been dedicated to supporting students at the College long before the Print Shop opened its doors. “I’ve been doing sports publications for Williams for twenty years,” she said. “I design and print the Williams football programs, we do the basketball programs, we printed the tickets for the basketball tournament, things like that.”
While the business benefits from student involvement, “we still do a lot of client company work,” Goodwin said. The Print Shop does work for multiple businesses in the area, including the Orchards Hotel and Overland Summers. “We do a little bit of everything for companies like that … We have a lot of vendors so if we can’t do something in house we can send it out to them,” Goodwin said.
Like many small businesses, the Print Shop is always looking for new ways to tap into the Williamstown community. Goodwin mentioned a recent addition to her list of clients, the Williams Journal of Foreign Affairs, which was “a great thing … we had never done that before,” she said.
As far as further expansion of the store goes, “we sort of use word of mouth, we use relationships with faculty,” Goodwin said. “What we say is that we can print anything.”