New CC presidents embrace College’s future

Last Saturday, Web Farabow ’18 and Allegra Simon ’18 won the College Council (CC) co-presidency in an election with 46.8-percent voter turnout. The Record‘s Managing Editor Emilia Maluf ’18 corresponded with Farabow and Simon about their new term.

Congratulations on your win! How do you plan to collaborate and work as co-presidents while one of you is abroad and the other is on campus?

Web Farabow (WF): Allegra and I will be working together closely even while she’s abroad. She’ll collaborate in establishing priorities for Council, planning meetings, drafting resolutions and in anything else that doesn’t require her physical presence. We plan to spend a lot of time on Skype!

Allegra Simon (AS): I second what Web said. I wish I could be on campus, but I’m very excited to be involved in all of the ways I can.

What have you learned from the campaign process that you will take with you into your co-presidency?

WF: The other presidential candidates did a great job of calling attention to the ways in which CC can feel inaccessible to students. Along with a lower voter turnout than last year, the campaign showed that we have a lot of room to improve on engaging the student body.

AS: The campaign was also great practice for us to figure out how to best communicate while I’m abroad.

What are some goals for your term, and how do you plan to achieve them?

AS: My priority is working to address food insecurity on campus. It’s an unacceptable issue that effects every aspect of life on campus — particularly health. This is an issue I’ve been working on with CC for a while, and I’m excited to work off of the momentum we’ve built and make some concrete improvements.

WF: My priorities are working to address food insecurity and mental health resources on campus. In addition to working with Council, achieving these goals will require close work with administrators and advocacy for CC’s priorities across a wide range of committees.

If you could only accomplish one thing during your presidency, what would it be?

AS: If we could accomplish one thing during the term, it would be improving dining, both in terms of food insecurity and in broader problems with the meal plan. Our current system encourages unhealthy eating decisions, doesn’t make sense economically and leaves students without access to food between 3 and 5 p.m. This is an issue that CC has talked about for a long time, and it’s one that we think we’re well situated to address this year.

What challenges do you anticipate this term?

WF: One challenge with the spring term is that it’s so short. Many of CC’s projects require a lot of sustained energy and engagement with the administration. We’ll have the summer and fall to work on some of our longer-term projects, but it’s important that we make the most of our spring term by hitting the ground running.

If you could change one thing about CC, what would it be?

AS: It would be great to see more student involvement beyond elected class representatives. We plan on working to engage more students by effectively communicating our agenda, as well as which administrators and guests are coming to each meeting, so we can get more voices in the room for important topics.

WF: I agree with Allegra. We have a lot of people who are excited to be on Council, but because the term is so short, it will be a challenge to get everyone acquainted with Council and set up with projects to work on in such a tight timeframe. That being said, we certainly feel up to the challenge and have a number of projects we’re excited to begin with right away.

What are you most looking forward to about your term?

WF: I’m most looking forward to working with our spring Council! We have a lot of new faces on CC, including on the Exec Board. I was excited to see the degree of enthusiasm expressed in everyone’s self nominations, and I’m excited to get to know a lot of new people by working with them on Council.

AS: I agree with Web! I’m so excited to work with such a great group. There were a lot of really cool ideas and important issues brought up in self nominations and during elections, and so I’m looking forward to what I know will be productive conversations and great accomplishments.

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