College appoints two new administrators

This past week, after national searches, the College appointed two new administrators to key positions: Megan Morey as the vice president of college relations and Liz Creighton ’01 as the dean of admission and financial aid.

Megan Morey

Beginning on May 1, Morey will oversee the Career Center, lead the “Teach It Forward” campaign and head the college’s relations with alumni, parents, corporations and foundations. Morey is coming to the College after serving in an analogous role at Amherst as the chief advancement officer. She previously served at the College as senior development officer and the director of leadership giving from 2000 to 2007.

“I’ve worked closely with the Career Center to grow their budget and staff in order to better serve students, and we created alumni engagement metrics, which have been extremely helpful in growing alumni engagement across all alumni demographics,” Morey said regarding her prior work at the College.

In her new position, Morey hopes to focus on the Teach It Forward campaign, increase integration between the College and the departments that constitute college relations and expand and improve the Career Center. “There are incredible opportunities to grow programming and resources in the Career Center and expand alumni engagement,” Morey said.

An avid outdoorsperson, Morey is excited to return to the close-knit community in Williamstown. She is moving back with her husband, son and daughter.

“I miss the theater festival, running in Hopkins Forest, watching sports on Cole Field [and] taking forever to run an errand on Spring Street because you stop and chat with friends and colleagues,” Morey said. “It’s going to be fun.”

Liz Creighton

Beginning on May 15, Creighton will begin serving as the dean of admission and financial aid, a newly-established position. Creighton, who has worked at the College since 2001, currently serves as the deputy director of admission. In an email addressed to the College community, Provost David Love stated that the goal of this new position was to “provide leadership to our efforts to attract and support talented students from across the country and around the world.”

As a first step in her new position, Creighton plans to speak with faculty members in both the financial aid and admissions departments to identify a list of priorities. She hopes to more effectively integrate the two departments by focusing on how both can best expand their presence.

“The reality is that just managing the day-to-day operations of admission and financial aid is time-intensive work, and it’s work that leaves the directors of those offices with little time to step back and think together about how to best coordinate and expand the reach of their efforts,” Creighton said. “[This effort] is too critically important for it not to be the thing that someone wakes up and thinks about as their top priority each day.”

To address concerns of socioeconomic diversity, Creighton plans to bolster existing programs and partnerships at the College, make the application less exclusionary towards low-income students and establish an easier process for applying for financial aid. As a former student who was on financial aid, Creighton believes both her personal and professional experiences will prepare her to address these overarching issues.

“I feel privileged to serve the College in this capacity, and I’m eager to hear from people across the Williams community about the work that lies ahead,” Creighton said.

Provost of the College David Love, who headed the national search for the new dean of admission and financial aid, is equally eager for Creighton to begin her new position.

“Liz had the most focused and compelling vision for building on the strengths of both [the admission and financial aid] offices to ensure that we’re able to provide an arc of continuous support from the point of initial outreach in high school to commencement and beyond,” Love said.