Activism in the Age of Trump. Jason Liu/Photo Editor.

Activism in the Age of Trump

Photo Editor Jason Liu heads to Boston for the Women’s March on January 22 with Features Editor Jane Petersen. After meeting a rising generation of activists, they explore the historical backdrop of activism both on and off campus, and how history seems to meet the present in an unprecedented way.

Photo by Jason Liu/Photo Editor.

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  1. For those of us who opposed the Obama administration, Trump’s inauguration was a wonderful event. (I warned about Obama’s Marxist socialist roots and his lack of a conversion story.) Now, we have a great opportunity to reverse his mistakes and to set our country on the right course again. The problem for the left is that all these violent demonstrations and lectures on “white privilege” are reminding ex-Democrats like me why I left the party. There is nothing more frightening that a leftist atheist who thinks history is on their side.

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