On being considerate while biking

To the Editor,

I am pleased to learn that the College installed rectangular rapid flash beacon (RRFB) lights at the crosswalk near the ’62 Center. I hope all pedestrians will take advantage of them and that there will be similar installations at other crosswalks. Pedestrian safety is paramount. This is why I also agree with Professor [Noah] Sandstrom’s letter regarding runners on Water Street. I believe this advice should also extend past Water Street onto Green River Road. I have driven in both areas many times and have encountered runners in the road, sometimes two or three abreast. This is not safe for runners or drivers.

Now I would like to address a safety issue concerning me personally. I walk my dog nearly every day on Main Street. On more than one occasion I have had a bicyclist approach us from behind, passing at what I consider to be a high speed. I will admit that my hearing is probably not as keen as it was in my younger days so I am often unaware that someone on a bike is behind us until they whiz by. I fear for the safety of myself, my dog and the bicyclist.  Any sort of collision could end tragically. I’d like to point out that sidewalks are for pedestrians. I am simply asking that if one must ride on the sidewalk to please be considerate of those of us who are walking.

Thank you,

Judy J. Jones

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  1. Dedicated bike lanes through campus!

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