Spring Street Blues

Tuesday 10–25–16

10:10 a.m. Spencer Art Building: Campus Safety and Security (CSS) responded to a report of a student stuck in the elevator.  Electrical trades also responded and an electrician was able to get the student out of the elevator quickly. The elevator was shut down until Bay State Elevator could come and look at it.

5:30 p.m. Cole Field House: There was  a report of a student with a head and neck injury. Officers found a Middlebury student lying on a table with a neck brace that the trainers had put on. The student was transported to Berkshire Medical Center (BMC).

10:20 p.m. Hopkins Hall: A student came to CSS and reported a missing bike that was locked to a railing next to the 1937 House in September. The owner thought that CSS might have had to cut the lock and remove the bike because of where it was left. An officer looked in CSS storage and confirmed the bike was there. The officer registered the bike and then released it to the owner.

Thursday 10–27–16

5:10 p.m. Paresky Center: Officers responded to a fire alarm caused by the use of a fog machine. The system was reset.

6:43 p.m. Chapin Hall Drive: There was a report of a suspicious vehicle driving on the sidewalk outside of Paresky on the Chapin Hall Drive side. Upon arrival, an officer was able to identify the vehicle but unable to make contact with the driver as the vehicle exited Chapin Hall Drive and proceeded westbound on Route Two. The officer called dispatch and found the vehicle at Perry shortly after. The driver was delivering food for Fitch Burritos and Shawarma. The driver stated that they thought the wide sidewalk was actually roadway.   

10:14 p.m. 37 Southworth St.: Officers responded to a report of suspicious noises coming from outside the house. The faculty resident reported hearing strange noises outside of her apartment. It was determined that the noise was snow falling from the eaves.

Friday 10–28-–6

6:14 a.m. Thompson Chemistry Lab: A custodian called to report that someone had urinated in a classroom trash can overnight. The room is accessed by swipe or code, as the door remains closed.

10:40 p.m. Brooks: There was a noise complaint. An officer found six students singing to music. They agreed to turn down their music. There was also music in the basement and the officer found that approximately 10 students in Halloween costumes were listening to music. They agreed to keep their music low.

Saturday 10–29–16

12:40 a.m. Greylock Hall: While securing Greylock Hall, officers found a group of students in the Makepeace Room with snacks as well as an empty bottle of vodka and two empty six packs of beer. The group immediately began to clean up and depart. The officer advised that alcohol is not permitted in academic buildings.

1:26 a.m. Williams Hall: Officers responded to Williams Hall after a 911 activation. North Adams Ambulance transported an intoxicated and sick student to BMC.

4:59 p.m. Lambert House: There was a report of bees coming in through a window. The student said that they had submitted work orders to have the bees taken care, but nothing has been done. The bees are entering through the tops and bottoms of her windows. The student’s parents taped the areas with black duct tape to prevent the bees from entering and they also bought some bee spray and sprayed the outside hole where the bees enter. Officers placed another work order  to have the bee issue addressed.

5:20 p.m. Cole Field House: Village Ambulance and CSS went to Cole Field House to respond to an elderly woman feeling dizzy. The woman was feeling weak and dizzy, began to shake and vomited a small amount of water.  Village Ambulance arrived and evaluated. It was determined that she did not need to go to emergency room and she signed the patient refusal form. Family members also attended to her.

5:45 p.m. Health Center Parking Lot: There was a report of two suspicious SUVs sitting in the lot with its lights on. Officers identified  the  people inside as CSS officers. The officer went into the Health Center and informed the staff.

11:15 p.m. Tyler House: Officers responded to for several force alarms. They found the door secured and working properly. They went inside and found that there had been a party at some point during the night. At the time, the living room, Moose Room and kitchen were all empty.

11:48 p.m. Hoxsey Street: While on patrol, a CSS officer was stopped by an angry motorist who reported that Hoxsey Street was blocked with students who were partying. Officers also reported that there was a huge crowd at the bottom of the street. The street was in chaos and blocked by the crowd. An estimate of between 500 to 800 students were gathered at the bottom of the street and on the lawns of the properties at 63, 70, 71/73 Hoxsey St.  The Williamstown Police Department was called to the scene. It took about 20 minutes to disperse the crowd and the cruisers took a pounding. No arrests were made. Beer cups and garbage were strewn all over the street.

Sunday 10–30–16

1:40 a.m. Chapin Hall Drive: An officer noticed that the portable toilet at the north end of Chapin Hall Drive had been knocked over and that the barricade was missing. Officers submitted a work order for the portable toilet.

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