On understanding Mountain Day

To the Editor:

I feel compelled to respond to a recent opinion piece that appeared in last week’s Record titled “Reimagining Mountain Day (Oct. 19, 2016).”

I believe the writer has misinterpreted the meaning of the day. As someone who is intimately involved with all the planning of the many activities the Williams Outing Club (WOC) offers, I would certainly like to dispel the myth that Mountain Day is about hiking mountains.  Although that certainly may be a centerpiece of the day with gatherings at Stone Hill in the morning and Stony Ledge in the afternoon, the whole idea of Mountain Day is about taking a time out to get out, literally. A day so beautiful in our little nook of the Berkshires that the college president is inspired to have the Thompson Chapel bells ring and invite you to get out — simply that — to get out, get your head up, shut off your phones, put your computer to sleep and close your books. Enjoy some moments in the day, be truly awed by our surroundings, share it with the community, sing, eat, hike, play games, sit and contemplate the colors — let all your senses come alive. Everyone can access Mountain Day in any creative way they want, but I would simply encourage you to get out. It’s as simple and welcoming as that — take time out to be out any way you so choose. If, by chance, there were anyone who truly wanted to experience the woods and mountains who was unable, know that WOC has and will continue to always do our best to accommodate them.

I look forward to many more Mountain Days to enjoy this wonderful community and share this wonderful sense of place with all of you!

Scott Lewis, WOC Director

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