Facilities reupholsters Mission Park furniture

The furniture in Mission Park residential halls will receive an upholstery update after 13 years of use.

JoAnne Moran, the College’s furniture procurement specialist, organized the project after receiving suggestions for furniture improvement from the Facilities Operations Department and the Mission custodial team.

The reupholstery process will be done in two parts. Half of the Mission furniture was removed on Thursday to be redone and will be returned on Nov. 28. The other half will be taken on Nov. 29, reupholstered, and returned on Jan. 4. There will be no temporary furniture to furnish first-year common rooms in the meantime.

A total of 102 chairs and sofas will be redone. An additional 24 lounge chairs will be replaced. Careful consideration was taken to ensure the cost-effectiveness of this project.

“As far as the cost effectiveness, restoration of the Mission Park furniture saved the college more than half of what it would have cost to replace with new,” Moran said in. Additionally, reupholstering rather than buying new furniture was favored in order to keep up with the College’s many sustainability initiatives.

To fund the project, Moran submitted a capital improvement request, which was ultimately approved by Facilities, the Committee on Priorities and Resources, the Zilkha Center, the President’s staff and the Board of Trustees.

A sample of a reupholstered armchair will be on display in the first floor Mission common room. The fabric selected is called EnviroLeather, and is both stain-resistant and easy to clean.

As furniture procurement specialist, Moran handles all furniture needs for the wide variety of spaces at Williams. She works in conjunction with several parties, including the Facilities Planning Design and Construction group, the Office of Student Life and the custodial staff.

As for other furniture projects, Moran says that there are plans for several more updates. Both Morgan Hall and Lambert House have furniture orders on the way, and the installation of wood-style beds and roller window shades in various dorms will continue.

“Mission Park furniture has been in place for 13 years and was showing extreme wear,” Moran said. “I am sure the students will be pleased with the end result of this project.”

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