Extraordinarily extra charges

Williamstown is full of delicious food and drink finds. However, whether swiping in at a Dining Services establishment or paying up with cash at a local coffee shop, I’ve often been disappointed to find that my total is a bit heftier than originally anticipated. There seems to be a trend, both on campus and off, of seemingly unnecessary extra charges to orders; students often feel cheated upon realizing that something they had thought would be included in fact costs extra. Here, I’ve laid out a few of these unnecessary extra charges. 

$1.00 extra for guacamole at ’82 Grill

guacamoleThis year, ’82 has implemented a new policy of charging an extra dollar for a side of guacamole. If you’re thinking that this sounds familiar, you’re right; “the guac is extra” is a line basically invented by Chipotle. And much as I love Chipotle and appreciate any effort to emulate it, ’82 really should reconsider this one. As delicious as ’82 is, its guacamole is certainly not Chipotle-level and probably doesn’t warrant an extra charge.

25¢ extra to toast a bagel at Tunnel City 

bagelsAs much as I love working in Tunnel on a Sunday afternoon, I’ll be the first to admit that its fare is quite overpriced. That being said, my caffeine addiction and love of Skyr often lead me to nevertheless pay the price for a snack. But the recently implemented 25-cent bagel-toasting charge is testing my patience. It’s not that hard to toast a bagel. At Goodrich, busy student baristas constantly pop bagels in toasters without requiring an extra quarter as compensation, and I sincerely think that the same should go for Tunnel.


$2.05 for  hot water at Tunnel City

waterDid you know that Tunnel charges the same amount to order a cup of hot water as it does for a cup of tea? And that that price is $2.05? Unnecessary charges seem to be piling up at Tunnel, and who knows what they’re going to start charging for next. I understand how capitalism works, and I’m starting to think that Tunnel’s corner on the coffee industry in Williamstown is giving the establishment a bit too much power. Do not pass go; do not collect $2.05, Mr. Monopoly.

$1.00 for jelly at Lee’s Snack Bar

jellyBecause Lee’s isn’t on swipes during the day, I’m always excited when it opens its doors to the wonderful world of late-night snack bar on Wednesdays. However, I was recently astonished to learn that Lee’s charges an extra dollar for jelly to spread on toast. This is, obviously, a tragedy. But I’m happy to report that, for this unnecessary additional charge, I have a solution (or, dare I say, hack?); Whitman’s, a mere stone’s throw away, has toasters, bread and jelly. So if you want to snack on toast and jelly without feeling cheated, take your hunger down the hall.

  • Ralph Hammann

    As an objective observer, I marvel at the sense of entitlement some of Tunnel City’s patrons routinely display. How is a business supposed to make a profit when patrons spend hours occupying tables far beyond the time that they have consumed their beverages? And should the owner now be expected to provide free hot water so the same such “patrons” can steep their own tea?