CC changes meeting time to accommodate night classes

This year, College Council (CC) has moved its meetings from Wednesday from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. to Tuesday at the same time to accommodate students.

The time change was created in response to the change to class meeting schedules that added a 7:00 p.m. to 9:40 p.m. course  timeslot on Wednesday. The new class time was offered for the first time this semester.

“We know that there will unfortunately always be some conflicts with meeting times, but we did not think it was fair for class to prohibit CC participation,” CC co-president Michelle Bal ’17 said. “A few of our new representatives have class on Wednesday nights and we had previously stated during elections that we would change our meeting time if that conflict arose.”

CC also created a new position, the parliamentarian. This role evolved from the vice president of operations position, which became the vice president of communications. The parliamentarian will be in charge of managing the internal functions of CC, including maintaining order during meetings, ensuring the following of by-laws and the constitution and managing attendance records. The parliamentarian will also put together and distribute each meeting’s agenda and minutes as well as maintain a list of proxies for when members of the council are absent.

“We thought the old V.P. of operations position took on too wide a variety of responsibilities, some of which were not specified in the job description and therefore could vary year-to-year,” Michael Rubel ’19, former vice president of operations and current vice president of communications, said. “By creating two, more specific jobs — one administrative and one communicative — we could ensure that each year would see more consistency and overall an ability to fulfill the responsibilities with higher quantity and quality.”

“We are really excited to pilot the new parliamentarian position this semester,” Bal said. “When the previous council included this position as a constitutional amendment during last winter’s elections we were excited to see it pass.”

The first council meeting of the semester occurred on Tuesday night, and Allegra Simon ’18 presided as the first parliamentarian.

“This new position will require deep knowledge of the constitution, bylaws and precedents and will help all meetings run more effectively and efficiently. We think that Allegra will do a great job this semester.”

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