Captain’s Corner: Katie Gallop ’17

Katie Gallop '17
Katie Gallop ’17. Photo courtesy of Sports Information.

Katie Gallop ’17

Field Hockey

Mount Kisco, N.Y.

Residence: Spring Street


When did you first start playing field hockey?

I started playing field in seventh grade, so middle school. There was the option to play either soccer or field hockey, and I saw that a ton of people were signed up to play soccer, so I signed up for field hockey. My mom played field hockey in college, also, so I figured, why not?

What’s it like being a captain on a team that you’ve played on for three years?

Honestly, it’s a lot of fun. We have a really fun team, and I really like working with my co–captains. I’m really glad I have co–captains, because there’s just so much organizing to do, especially before the season starts. We go to a team camp that a bunch of other NESCAC teams go to, and it would be a ton of work for only one person to do. Also, it’s very weird not having people older than you to help guide you, so that’s been strange because I feel like I’ve always had those older teammates to look up to.

What are some of your favorite memories or experiences on the field hockey team?

Do you know the game popstar? This literally happened yesterday. It’s probably my happiest moment because we just had so much fun. We were on the bus ride back from Maine, which is a super long ride, and we were all getting kind of antsy. So, we decided to play popstar, where you put on big noise–cancelling headphones and just sing at the top of your lungs. It was so funny and everyone was participating, so it felt very team–oriented. Everyone was volunteering and our coaches, who were also on the bus, were laughing. They actually said that if we win NESCACs this year, they would take turns singing to songs. So, obviously, we need to win now, if only for that.

I hear you also play on the lacrosse team. What made you decide to play two sports?

   I decided to play lacrosse my sophomore year, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. In general, I love being part of teams because it’s so rewarding. It was definitely hard at first because I didn’t play as much, and sometimes it’s hard to figure out what your role should be in those sorts of situations. I still love the team obviously and I think it helped me learn many things that are useful for me as a captain for field hockey. It was a really valuable experience because I didn’t have that experience in field hockey, though I had it in high school. It’s just about being able to understand the following mentality: everyone can participate on a team, regardless of how much they participate in a game.

Any traditions on the team that you really like?

We always sing before the games – usually “Yard by Yard” – which is really fun. We sometimes go to [Head Coach] Alix [Barrale’s] house for team dinners. I would say that many of our traditions are pretty informal.

Do you have any pre–game rituals?

I personally have a lot of pre–game rituals. I’m really superstitious and that will often include a breakfast routine that is very particular. I’ve gotten really relaxed over the years because I used to have to make sure that I had breakfast exactly four hours before the game started or before the warm–up. I tape my stick before every game, I always do my hair the same way, and on corners I do a little tap thing [laughs.] It’s weird, but it’s my thing.

What will it be like to go from your role as co-captain on the field hockey team to the lacrosse season?

It’ll be different, but it’ll be really exciting, too. Brett [Bidstrup ’17] and Jenna [Chodos ’17] are awesome and are going to be great co-captains. I think it’ll be nice to take a step back, relax and enjoy the ride a bit because being a captain can be a little bit hectic. I’m really just looking forward to playing with those guys for our senior season.

Favorite snack bar order?

My favorite snack bar order is a pizza with red sauce, double broccoli and tomatoes. I love broccoli.

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