Fitch restaurant moves into town

Fitch,  a new restuarant in Williamstown, is a great place to get delicious and reasonably priced food. Photo courtesy of Kelsie Dalton.
Fitch, a new restuarant in Williamstown, is a great place to get delicious and reasonably priced food. Photo courtesy of Kelsie Dalton.

Fitch Burritos + Shawarmas is the newest restaurant in Williamstown. Fitch, which opened at the end of August, is located in Colonial Plaza. As the name implies, Fitch serves both Mexican and Mediterranean cuisine in the form of wraps, burritos and bowls.

Customers first choose one of those bases and a protein (chicken, beef or falafel) and can then go crazy with toppings like tabbouleh, pico de gallo, hummus and fresh cilantro. Fitch has small, rustic tables for two both inside and outdoors.

From the get-go, the restaurant feels modern; rustic tables aside, Fitch is nothing if not a product of the present times. There’s a sign hung on the door with a quote from the owner, Rachid Kourda:

“Our life, every minute is so precious. Look around and see what humans have made and what God has given us. Enjoy your day, eat at Fitch, and take a minute to shine your shoes. Bonne appetite [sic].”

Floor-to-ceiling windows in the front of the building allow lots of natural light in. The entire back wall is a chalkboard with the restaurant’s natural and organic ingredients (including black beans, guacamole and falafel) listed on it. There is a bar along the window for customers who wish to look out over the parking lot while eating, and the decorations are natural and down-to-earth, with touches of the signature Fitch orange.

Though the setting is excellent, the food is the real M.V.P. All of the different ingredients are bright and fresh, filled with the flavors of whichever hemisphere you’ve chosen. The vegetables are crisp, the falafel is tasty and the hummus is lemony and garlicy. All of the sauces, including garlic, tahini and tzatziki, are made in-house.

There is a basket full of different kinds of hot sauces to satisfy any palate. My well-portioned bowl only took a few minutes to prepare, so I didn’t have to wait long to sink my teeth into it. Building it was fun, but eating it was even better.

The staff is friendly; employees asked questions about where our party was from and whether or not we attended the College. Once we sat down, however, they left us to ourselves to eat, except when we had questions.

The prices are also reasonable and depend on the protein — steak is $8.99 while falafel is only $6.99 — and these prices remain the same regardless of whether you order a wrap or a bowl or how many toppings you add to it (although some things, like guacamole, cost extra).

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Fitch; however, the restaurant has some drawbacks.  Except for the long table in the front, all the other tables are fairly tiny, comfortably seating two but no more (although the tables can be pulled together, depending on how busy it is). Also, the only vegetarian protein option is falafel, so if you’re vegetarian and don’t like that, then you won’t find much to eat at Fitch. That being said, you could probably talk to the staff and have a bean burrito made.

Last, unless you get there right when the protein is cooked, yours will be cold. Overall, these are small complaints that shouldn’t stop anyone from giving Fitch a try.

The restaurant is open every day of the week until 7 p.m., though it closes briefly from 2-4 p.m. to prepare for dinner. Fitch also offers late-night pickup until 1 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays and will deliver if you order more than $20 worth of food. The hours and delivery options make Fitch an excellent resource for students at the College who might have outgrown the 21-meal plan.

Fitch uses fresh, high-quality ingredients, and the food is delicious, but if you’re looking for a sit-down restaurant, it isn’t the place for you. The simplistic nature of the place makes it a locals’ joint in the making. It’s good fast -casual food that isn’t expensive, but is limited. There are, effectively, three things on the menu (plus a caramel flan for dessert—yum), but the beauty of Fitch is in the customization.

At Fitch, you can expect to get delicious Mediterranean or Mexican food at an affordable price and enjoy friendly service in a relaxed atmosphere.

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