A week in Williams history

The first week of classes has always been a time for all sorts of new beginnings. Throughout the years, Ephs have moved into new living spaces and explored innovative uses of something called “the internet.” No matter the year, students at the College have embraced this time of the year with gusto.


September 24, 1965- Greylock Quad

“Each house has its own living room with fireplace and strong furniture which provides comfortable social facilities for the house members and their guests. Adjacent to the living room is a kitchenette from which refreshments can be served. Five study rooms of different size are located in these houses and will serve College students for seminars, meetings, typing rooms or other purposes” (“College to dedicate quad Sunday; Greylock Complex houses 288,” Sept. 24, 1965).


September 26, 1995 – The internet revolutionizes learning

“The advantages of the Internet are obvious: easy access to information, increased contact between students and professors and a new level of discussion in Listservs and “virtual” classrooms … [But] you have to remember that the World Wide Web has only been up and running for three years. To predict the next ten or even three years would be impossible, but it would be an understatement to say that serious things are going to happen. So watch out” (“Academia and the Internet revolution: the impact of computing on professors’ research and the classroom,” Sept. 26, 1995).

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