Report shows average faculty salaries for United States colleges

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According to the annual report of the American Association of University Professors on economic data for faculty, the College pays its average faculty member $114,700.

The College pays its average full professor $142,500, which ranks fourth among the New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC) colleges, excluding Trinity, for which data was unavailable. The College, on average, pays associate professors $97,000, assistant professors $81,400, lecturers $107,400 and those with no rank $62,800. Each of these average salaries was within $5000 of the NESCAC average, except for lecturers, for which the College paid $30,200 greater than the NESCAC average. However, according to Dean of the Faculty Denise Buell, other schools may define the position differently than the College does. At the College, lecturers, who are not tenure-track, can range from those who teach one course per year to a faculty member with a full course load. Some lecturers have taught at the College for decades.

For male faculty members, the average full professor salary was $149,800, the average associate professor salary was $98,400 and the average assistant professor salary was $81,600.

For women, the average full professor salary was $130,800 the average associate professor salary was $97,200 and the average assistant professor salary was $81,200.

“Any difference reported there is not a function of gender inequity but of the faculty age profile and years in rank,” John Gerry, associate dean of the faculty, said. “That is, among full professors the average length of service is longer for men than it is for women.  This reflects the demographic of the faculty pipeline decades ago when more men than women were hired into faculty jobs.  In contrast, average salaries are virtually the same (no significant difference) among associate and assistant professors. These faculty members were hired more recently, with women comprising a larger percentage of the total.  The percentage of women on the faculty has in fact been climbing steadily for several decades and … will surely continue to climb and as it does the average salaries of men and women at the full professor level will converge.”

For faculty that the College employed both this year and last, salaries increased 3.3 percent for full professors, 5.4 percent for associate professors and 6.3 percent for assistant professors. In the NESCAC, salaries rose by 3.4 percent, 4.3 percent and 4.6 percent for the same positions. On average, full-time continuing faculty salaries nominally increased 3.4 percent in the United States and increased 2.7 percent in real terms when adjusted for an inflation rate of 0.7 percent.

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