Captain’s Corner: Ross Hoffman ’17

Ross Hoffman ’17. Photo courtesy of Sports Information.

Ross Hoffman

Men’s golf

Great Neck, N.Y.


Spring Street

When did you start playing golf? 

I started in my backyard actually with plastic clubs and plastic balls. I guess it really started through my dad. We have a local course across the street. He would take me there around when I was four or five and I would just follow him around the putting green and driving range. I started getting more serious about golf when I would go down to Florida to visit my grandma in the winter, and I would get more serious lessons down there starting when I was around maybe seven or eight. That is when I started focusing more on golf.

How has your dad shaped your golf career?

I think truly my dad is probably my coach, my mentor and someone who, if I ever have problems on or off the course, is the first person I speak to. I always go to him after each round with what went right and what went wrong. He always texts me with encouraging messages before tournaments telling me to stay focused and not to rush myself, just keep with the routine.

What for you is the meaning of golf? 

Is that actually a question? Alright, I think that the beauty of golf is that it is a sport you can play throughout your life. It’s a time to get away from the stresses of classes or sports and to go out and have 4.5 hours out there with three of your buddies. It is not about the score as much as it is about the time with the boys on the course without distractions.

What about golf at the College especially attracted you here?

Taconic Golf Course. It’s the second best college course in the country behind Yale. The beauty of Taconic is that it is a ten minute walk from campus; you really have a golf course on campus in perfect shape with beautiful views of the Purple Valley. The members of Taconic are very open to the team practicing there and are really supportive of us. Taconic is a great home for the men’s golf team.

What’s your favorite course? What’s your favorite hole? 

Give me a second. I am going to go with Bethpage Black, a course that recently hosted the Barclay’s, a PGA Tour tournament. My favorite hole there is  No. 17. It is a par-three, 215 yards with … just get a photo up. It’ll help to visualize it. It’s a cool looking hole. After a difficult stretch of par-4s in  No. 15 and No. 16  it is visually stunning for its multitude of bunkers around the green. It’s one of the most unique holes on Long Island, in my opinion.

What else are you up to on campus? 

On Mondays in season, we are teaching golf to kids from Pine Cobble School, first through third grade. Out of season, I tutor at Brayton Elementary School in North Adams. I tutor math and science to third graders. I’m an economics major with a concentration in environmental studies. I am interested in environmentally-friendly real estate development. I have a real estate license; is that going to go into the Record? Last Winter Study, I worked at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute in Cape Cod with Katie Swoap [’17]. I worked in the marine policy department studying coastal erosion and its effect on real estate prices.

What’s your go-to order at the Forge, the signature restaurant of the golf team?

Twelve wings and, wait, we need to look up the sauce online. I call it Buff Sauce. Wait, scratch that. My favorite order, pretty original, is chicken tenders dipped in wing sauce. It’s actually called “Buff Orpington” sauce.

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