Tory Lanez loses passport before Spring Fling show

About four hours before doors were scheduled to open for Spring Fling, the campus-wide concert held annually at the College and put on by All Campus Entertainment (ACE), Tory Lanez, one of two scheduled artists, cancelled. Lanez, a rapper from Toronto, Canada, lost his passport and therefore could not fly within the U.S. Lanez was scheduled to fly from Miami, Fla. while his team had already arrived in Albany, N.Y.

“We’re lucky that we have a really good team and worked really hard during the day to make sure we were still having a Spring Fling,” Elizabeth Sullivan ’18, chair of the concerts committee of ACE, said. Sullivan stated that there was no way for them to have seen this coming, and having coheadliners for the event helped.

The original lineup of the event included Tory Lanez, an R&B artist, and The White Panda, an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) band, with an opening from the College’s own Billy Boiez. The concert was free and open to students of the College with a school-issued ID only. It took place in the Towne Field House on Friday night.

While ACE typically only brings one artist, this year it tried to get a wide range of musical genres in order to target several different kinds of music listeners.

“It was really lucky that we found a replacement for Tory Lanez,” Sullivan said. DJ Ken3tic was called in at the last minute on Friday. He is from New York and has opened for Designer, an artist who was featured on the latest Kanye West album, and Post Malone.

ACE estimates that about 800 people showed up, which is roughly half of the campus. “Given the fact that the day of was very stressful I think it turned out great,” Sullivan said.

“We are a small school and are lucky that College Council (CC) gives us the money that we have to get an artist to come and perform,” Sullivan said. The fact that the College is fairly small and in a more remote location contributes to the difficulty of getting an artist to come.

When asked if there was anything in the contracts of the artists to make sure that cancellations like this do not occur, Sullivan stated that this specific incident has not happened before but the best that could be done was to make the most of the situation in that moment. She explained that the more restrictions that are placed on a contract with an artist, the more likely they are to not sign up for the offer

“Additionally, the more caveats and restrictions you put into an already long contract the more likely you are to have artists hack them out or reject your offer to perform,” Sullivan said. “It’s a fine line to walk to recruit them to come here, and to also build in stop gap measures to hold them accountable.”

ACE and CC are currently unsure about what will happen to the money that Tory Lanez will not be receiving from the College.

“We give the checks to the performers after their sets, but in terms of how that money is going to be reallocated we are working with CC to figure that also,” Sullivan said.

In the future, ACE hopes to diversify the genres of artists that they invite to perform at the College. Sullivan stated that they may make an effort to emphasize more concerts even if it means doing smaller concerts, such as the Luke Christopher concert held in the fall, in order to have artists of many genres come. This is something that ACE will focus on when planning future events and concerts for the student body of the College.

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