Spring Street Blues

Monday 4-25-16

7:53 a.m. Faculty House: Campus Safety and Security (CSS) Officers responded to the Faculty House Lot near Droppers House for a report of a possible odor of gas. Safety and Environmental Compliance staff responded as well. They conducted a reading with their gas meters and detected no levels of gas. It is believed that the odor came from St. John’s gas vent in the parking lot.

2:35 p.m. Hopkins Hall: A Stolen Article Report was taken from a student who had two textbooks taken out of a carrel in Sawyer Library on the second floor. The report was faxed to the Williamstown Police Department (WPD).

10:39 p.m. Faculty Club: Officers responded to the Faculty Club to check on a report of a suspicious person. Officers found a dining services employee standing outside who matched the description and had been out there for several minutes waiting for a ride.

Tuesday 4-26-16

6:35 p.m. Driscoll Dining Hall: There was a report of two students who had been in an altercation. Several witnesses were present, and a college dean was on site and intervened.  Several parties were asked to come to CSS to complete statements.

Wednesday 4-27-16

4:44 a.m. Vogt House: The fire panel and monitor water pressure dry sprinkler were activated. Officers checked the building for water and  found none present. Electrical tradesman also responded. A work order was submitted to mechanical trades to repair the sprinkler system.

Thursday 4-28-16

6:30 p.m. Sawyer Library: There was a report of two high-school age teen males who were acting suspiciously. They were walking around the Office of Information and Technology (OIT) office area checking door handles to see if any were open.

Friday 4-29-16

1:13 a.m. Prospect House: There was a noise complaint. The officer advised the student of the complaint. The student was cooperative and reduced the volume.   

1:27 a.m. Thompson Chapel: Student reported a bloody nose that had been present since earlier the previous evening. Village Ambulance was contacted to transport the student to the emergency room at Berkshire Medical Center (BMC) North.

12:00 p.m. Chandler Pool parking lot: An officer responded to the upper parking lot near the Chandler Pool ramp for a report of a single car motor vehicle accident. The damage to College property appeared minimal. The vehicle sustained damage to the passenger side rear fender, bumper and tail lens. WPD was contacted to respond.

9:41 p.m. Towne Field House: Officers and WPD were called to the Field House for a student in possession of a marijuana cigarette. The student refused to be identified and ran from the site. He was recognized and identified.

11:11 p.m. Danforth Block parking lot: Officers activated 911 for a student who hit her head on the side of an exterior wall. Upon arrival officers found the student sitting on the ground with a friend. North Adams Ambulance Service had to be called to respond because both Village ambulances were at BMC North with intoxicated students. They arrived and determined that the student would not need to be transported to the hospital.   

11:44 p.m. Perry Goat Room: There was a noise complaint. Officers found five students listening to music that had been hooked up to larger speakers. They were advised of the complaint and officers requested that they turn the music down.

Saturday 4-30-16 

6:40 p.m. Wood House: An officer responded to Wood House to meet with a student who reported that someone has vandalized his room. The room was a mess, with hay on top of the desk, dresser and all over the floor, and the bale was left on the bed.

Sunday 5-1-16

2:26 a.m. Weston Hall: While patrolling campus and traveling south on Stetson Court, an officer heard a loud banging noise. In the Weston Hall lot, a college-aged male was seen using something in his hands to repeatedly strike one of the CSS wooden “No Parking” signs. This individual was with two other college-aged males. The individuals saw the CSS cruiser and immediately ran toward Hoxsey Street. The trio went into Science Quad through the steps next to the Bronfman loading dock. The sign had been completely destroyed.

3:37 a.m. Morgan Hall: CSS received a noise complaint. CSS found six to eight students in the basement kitchen playing loud music. They agreed to turn it off for the rest of the night.

4:14 p.m. Health Center: There was a report that a student was there with an injury from a cat bite. The student was advised to go to the emergency room.

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