CC passes bylaw protecting academic information

On April 20, College Council (CC) passed a bylaw proposed by Vice President for Academic Affairs Allegra Simon ’18 that prevents student organizations from requesting confidential academic information, such as grade point average (GPA).

The passed bylaw reads: “Proposed organizations must host an all-campus interest meeting, complete the Student Interest Petition, and present a constitution prior to meeting with the Student Organizations Committee. Constitutions requesting that students disclose confidential academic information will not be approved.”

Simon proposed the bylaw after a group wanted to have a minimum GPA for participation. “We worked with the group to edit their constitution and eliminate the requirement, but we also saw it as a good moment to discuss whether or not we are comfortable with CC groups requiring academic credentials,” Simon said.

No current student organizations should have to change their constitutions. “Reactions have been mostly positive, largely because I don’t think there is a real reason that a group should need to know a student’s GPA,” Simon said. “There are no groups on campus, to my knowledge, that have a GPA or other academic requirement and so I don’t foresee any groups changing their constitutions, but CC will keep this in mind as we approve groups moving forward.”

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