Spring Street Blues

Monday 4-18-16

11:22 a.m. East College: Officers responded to East College for a report of a student not feeling well and needing assistance. The student reported she had just gotten over the flu and started to not feel well again the previous night. She requested transport to the hospital. Dispatch contacted the Village Non-Emergency Transport Service for a transport.

2:40 p.m. Campus Safety and Security (CSS) Office: A student filed a Stolen Article Report (SAR) and a statement from a student who reported a bike missing since he returned from spring break. A copy of the SAR was faxed to the Williamstown Police Department (WPD).

Tuesday 4-19-16

2:00 p.m. ’62 Center for Theatre & Dance: Dispatch called 911 about a student experiencing chest pains at the ’62 Center for Theatre & Dance. Officers responded. The student stated that while in dance class she started to feel pain in her chest. She left the class and went to the changing room to sit down. The student was transported to Berkshire Medical Center (BMC) in Pittsfield by Village Ambulance.

8:26 p.m. Lawrence Hall: Officers responded to the area of Lawrence Hall for a report of a student with an ankle injury. Officers found the student sitting in a chair outside of room 231 in Lawrence Hall. The injury occurred the previous night when the student was walking up the stairs at Goodrich House. She had been able to walk fine since the injury, until she called for help. She could no longer put any weight on her ankle at all and was in some pain. Village Ambulance Service responded and transported her to BMC in North Adams.

10:42 p.m. Thompson Memorial Chapel: CSS received a report of a baby rabbit that had fallen down through a metal grate and was stuck in the window well. Officers captured the rabbit and released it on the north side of Griffin Hall.

Wednesday 4-20-16

2:23 a.m. Sawyer Library: While securing Sawyer Library, officers heard one of the exterior doors go into audible alarm. The CSS Dispatcher called out a door alarm activated from door 200G South Exterior. Two male students were seen walking to their cars. The student who bypassed the book/theft detection system was captured on camera.

8:13 a.m. Hopkins Hall: CSS responded to a fire alarm activation. The fire panel had two activations. The areas were checked and there did not appear to be any problems. The fire panel was silenced. CSS notified mechanical trades and electrical trades technicians.

2:03 p.m. CSS Office: A student reported that two textbooks were taken from her carrel in Schow Library. CSS faxed a Stolen Article Report to the WPD.

5:12 p.m. Dodd House: CSS responded to a fire alarm. Students exiting said that it was the kitchen and had been activated by cooking. The alarm was reset and a work order was placed for the exterior fire alarm.

Thursday 4-21-16

12:32 p.m. Spring Street: Officers responded to Spring Street on a report from the WPD of a student having an allergic reaction. An officer found the student and began transportation to the Health Center. Officer told Dispatch to have Village Ambulance meet them there. The student had already administered an EpiPen on herself. Allergen response protocols were initiated. At the Health Center, staff provided the student with oxygen and Benadryl. When the North Adams ambulance arrived, the student was transported to Berkshire Medical Center (BMC) North.

10:57 p.m. West College: Officers responded to a noise complaint and spoke with students regarding the music playing in a room. They agreed to turn the music down.

Friday 4-22-16

8:22 p.m. Mission Dining Hall: Custodial Services was contacted regarding vomit in the men’s restroom.

Saturday 4-23-16

11:35 a.m. Cole Field: An injured rugby player called CSS, who activated 911. A College trainer stated that the player had suffered a fractured fibular while playing. The Keene State player was on the ground with his leg wrapped in a stabilizing device. The student was transported to BMC North Adams by ambulance. 

1:00 p.m. Cole Field: CSS responded to a report of an injured rugby player reported. CSS called 911. A College trainer stated that the Castleton University rugby player had a neck injury. The Castleton student was stabilized on the ground. Village Ambulance arrived and transported the student to BMC South.

10:45 p.m. Bryant House: CSS received a report from a student that three male non-students had been inside of Bryant House asking to buy beer and party with the residents. After some conver-sation with the individuals, students determined that they were from Bennington and on foot. Students directed them to the Red Herring on Spring Street. Officers took a description and were put on a watch out for these individuals.

Sunday 4-24-16

2:55 a.m. Paresky: CSS received a report from custodial staff that a male student was passed out and unresponsive in a men’s bathroom stall. Officers responded and called 911. He responded verbally to CSS staff. Village Ambulance EMTs arrived and assessed his condition. The student refused to go the hospital and was allowed to sign off on a refusal.

3:15 a.m. Tyler House: Officers received a noise complaint from Tyler House. Officers found an unregistered party in the Moose Room with beer and hard alcohol. The loud music was shut off. They were over the alcohol limit for a small gathering; the hard alcohol was in violation of the College’s policy.

1:35 p.m. Prospect House: A parent called CSS to do a welfare check on a student whose family was concerned that neither she nor the student’s mother had heard from him. An officer told the student that his family was concerned because they hadn’t heard from him and asked that he call his family right away. All students are encouraged to call their parents on a regular basis.

10:40 p.m. Poker Flats: An officer responded to the Poker Flats fire pit after observing a small fire in the pit. Students were just starting a fire with the intentions of having their entry snacks there. They were told that all fires had to be registered similar to parties and that Safety and Environmental Compliance has the approval. An officer also explained to them that a fire that had been registered in advance was cancelled today by the Safety and Environmental Office due to the dry conditions.

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