Letter to the editor: On reconsidering the new bookstore design

To the Editor:

In relation to the new college bookstore design revealed in the Record: If this is the best the College can come up with – it is a sorry state [“Designs for new Spring Street Bookstore surface,” Mar. 16, 2015]. The design of the building looks more like any urban area corner branch bank or CVS and appears to be a cookie cutter design that does not enhance any location except possibly a blighted urban block. Spring Street deserves better, and if this is the architectural firm designing the new Williams Inn, you might as well propose a strip mall. Difference can be a positive but please, just because it is “different” doesn’t make it work. I would hope that the College will go back and reexamine this design and come up with something better that we all can appreciate and that fits into the character of the town.

Patrick Quinn

Comments (2)

  1. “Fits into the character of the town”… Have you seen Mill St.? Colonial Shopping Plaza? What’s left of the Spruces? Mt. Greylock High School? If you ask me, this town lost its character many ages ago and people are clinging to it like a life line and should start appreciating how much this campus really cares about this town and see how much it has done for it. Without this campus, Williamstown would be an extension of Pownal and North Adams and just another town to pass through to Pittsfield and Bennington.

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