Ephs place first in all events at Donahue Cup

The 2V led the field with a final time of 7:10.5 ahead of competitors Simmons, WPI and Rochester. Photo courtesy of Sports Information.
The 2V led the field with a final time of 7:10.5 ahead of competitors Simmons, WPI and Rochester. Photo courtesy of Sports Information.

Coming off of its annual spring training trip to Myrtle Beach, S.C., women’s crew began its spring racing season last Saturday at the Donahue Cup on Lake Quinsigamond. Williams won the team trophy for the 12th year running, with all boats placing first in their respective events.

The 1V raced first against Simmons, Conn. College, WPI and Rochester. The Ephs led the field decisively, moving off a strong starting sequence. Williams crossed the line in 7:01.0, followed by WPI, who finished in second place with 7:08.96. Simmons took third, with Rochester and Conn. College placing fourth and fifth, respectively.

The 1V included co-captain Sophia Jannetty ’16,  Gemma Holt ’17, Gabrielle Markel ’17, Emory Strawn ’17, Louisa Abel ’18, Clara Beery ’18, Bertie Miller ’18, Rebecca Smith ’18 and Eileen Russell ’19.

The 2V followed next and faced the same competitors with the exception of Conn. College, who opted to row an exhibition boat in the 3V race. Again, the Ephs were strong from the start and led the field down the course, finishing in 7:10.5.

The 2V included Katie Costantini ’16, Merritt Harlan ’16, co-captain Annie Tewksbury ’16, Bety Lopez ’16, Katie Swoap ’17, Brittany Chung ’18, Rachel Jones ’18, Emily Burch ’19 and Diana Matthiessen ’19.

Next, the novice eight – comprising athletes in their first year of collegiate rowing – raced. Rochester did not field a novice boat, so the women raced WPI, Simmons and Conn. College. The novice eight earned another victory for the Ephs, beating second-place WPI by 21.31 seconds and crossing the finish in 7:22.8.

The novice eight included Sarah Cooperman ’17, Mikhayla Armstrong ’19, Grace Chamberlin ’19, Caroline Kessler ’19, Kate Latimore ’19, Josie Maynard ’19, Julia Mini ’19, Ava Palmo ’19 and Annie Rush ’19.

Wrapping up the morning’s racing, the 3V faced off against WPI, Rochester and Conn. College’s exhibition boat. Conn. College  and Williams broke away from the other two boats and traded seats for the majority of the course. The Camels crossed the line first in 7:41.5, with the Ephs close behind, finishing at 7:48.95. Rochester came in third, more than 17 seconds behind Williams. Owing to Conn. College’s exhibition boat status, the women were credited with a win in the 3V category even though they finished behind Conn. College.

The 3V featured Molly Burroughs ’17, Becca Dunwoody ’17, Deanna Segall ’17, Ellie Wachtel ’17,  Katie Dix ’18, Ria Hanson ’18, Abigail Matthew ’18, Grace McCabe ’18 and Harper Johnson ’19.

“The team had a strong first performance day across the board,” Jannetty said. “It was great getting to line up against some external competition. We look forward to working hard and gaining speed over the weeks to come.”

“We were able to get wins in all four of our races, which is never an easy thing to do,” Coach Kate Maloney said. “We have a light regular season schedule which means that practice takes on a very important role in our preparation for the championship regattas.”

The women will race against Wesleyan at home on Lake Onota in the Little Three Regatta on April 16. (According to historical precedent, Amherst does not compete in this race.)

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